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12 Proven Tips to Be Happy at Work

Most of us, employees, spend over a half of our waking days in the workplace. Though you may look at work as something…

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7 Benefits of Arriving Early to Work Every Day

Every morning you can see yourself battling with every day traffic and striving hard to get up even your body still wants to…

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7 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback at Work

Have you ever been caught off guard with your boss by giving you some critical, negative feedback regarding your work performance? Sounds hurting,…

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Tips to Prevent Workplace Pain

Aside from the normal challenges we face every day in our workplace, almost all of us employees, suffer from physical pain, like back…

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The First 90 Days is Crucial in Any New Job

You were just accepted in a new job. You may be an entry-level college graduate or someone with a previous job experience; but…

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5 Ways to Unleash Your Employee’s Talents

Job descriptions and fixed salaries. This are the best way to describe a position an employee can have. This is a process that…

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One Solution to Help You Speed Up Your Job Search

Going through the objectives is one of the techniques used by most of the job searchers all over the world in their hunt…

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Things You Should Never Share with Co-workers

In reality, the work place is not the place to share with co-workers what they don’t really need to know, unless your personal…

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