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Tips on Using Twitter to Find a Job

When you think of social media for job searching, you probably think of Facebook or LinkedIn. The former is a mix of both…

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How to Write Terrific E-mails That Can Get You a Job

Many job applications are now happening online, so instead of the printed cover letter, e-mails are now the name of the game. When…

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LinkedIn is Your Helper in Finding a Job

LinkedIn is now a 12-year old professional business listing site with over 300 million users, mostly filled with professionals. If you haven’t figured…

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Speed Up Your Job Search With These Timesaving Shortcuts

Are you one of those who just goes online to just apply, apply, apply, and get nothing in response? Perhaps it’s time for…

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8 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Get Hired

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc; there are a lot of different social media platforms out there that can be used for you to…

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9 Places In The City To Try This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again, where hearts are everywhere. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Love, affection and sweetness will fill the…

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