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Create Cover Letters That Will Make Recruiters Smile and Then Call You

You know how good you are and this shows in your resume, and you’re confident that you can sell yourself and your skills…

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The 6 Biggest Mistakes You Can Do With Your Cover Letter

We start this off with a big advice: Don’t ever submit a generic sounding or rushed cover letter when applying for a job.…

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If You Think Your Font Won’t Make a Difference on Your Resume, Think Again

There are the best fonts, and there are the worse fonts to use when you’re making your resume. And it does make a…

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How to Write that Really Effective Cover Letter

If you’re looking for a job, long before the recruiter sees your resume, it is the cover letter that can make a good…

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How to Write A Really Kick-Ass Resume

It takes recruiters approximately around 10 seconds on average before they decide if a candidates’ resume goes through or goes to the trash…

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10 Phrases or Words that Will Only Ruin Your Resume

If you have been using generic phrases in your resumes, then you’re just like the rest of humanity guilty of this type of…

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The 5 Resume Myths That Were Only True 10 Years Ago

Every college graduate knows that there are certain unwritten rules for making resumes as they learned during their job and resume seminars. But…

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It’s Probably Time to Update Your Resume Before You Go Job Hunting and Here are Five Steps to Do It

So you’re searching for a new job after working with that old company for several years. Of course while you may not need…

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Don’t Include these 5 Phrases in Your Resume

When you’re preparing your resume, don’t ever use cliché phrases that are just, well, too cliché. These clichés are generic phrases that hiring…

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