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19 Nationwide Holidays for 2016

Planning your holiday activities ahead for year 2016? Then here's the good news! Last Wednesday, 20th of August 2015, Paquito Ochoa Jr., Executive…

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These Factors Have Changed the Job Search Market Forever

Or has at least changed the job market for the next 5 to 10 years, or until technology will change the job search…

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7 Part-Time Jobs That Actually Pay Very Well

While other people are searching for full-time work to make ends meet, some people just need a part-time job because finances are not…

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These are the Top 7 Industries That Are Growing and Have Been Hiring Almost Non-Stop

The only constant in life is change and this is also evident with the job market. Some jobs and skills can be highly…

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These Keys to Job Satisfaction Are All Backed by Actual Science

Most people today are unhappy with their jobs because they chose the wrong one. This is because they chose the job over their…

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The Newest and Hottest Job Skills Needed for 2015

Analytics This skill, that has different job aspects depending on the specific area, is now the most sought-after employee skill needed by employers…

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What Scientific Research Has to Say About the Success and Failure of Bosses at Work

Over the past decades, many scientific research firms have conducted studies on the leadership traits and characteristics of bosses at work. More than…

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