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12 Proven Tips to Be Happy at Work

Most of us, employees, spend over a half of our waking days in the workplace. Though you may look at work as something…

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7 Benefits of Arriving Early to Work Every Day

Every morning you can see yourself battling with every day traffic and striving hard to get up even your body still wants to…

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7 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback at Work

Have you ever been caught off guard with your boss by giving you some critical, negative feedback regarding your work performance? Sounds hurting,…

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Going Out (Escaping is more like it) for a Midday Job Interview

Here’s the sort of problem or dilemma: Your present job is really a dump. In fact, dump is a really kind word to…

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Going Job Hunting May be Scary Even for Those in Really Crappy Jobs

You would think that everyone today who faces a really crappy job for any reason would just attempt to look for a new…

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Why Do So Many College Students Lack Job Skills Before Graduation?

Companies and employers today are complaining that freshly minted college graduates are not ready for the reality world of professional work. There is…

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The Top Reasons Why Really Good Employees Leave Their Jobs

According to the US Department of Labor and Statistics, turnover rates can be costly because of the need to keep hiring new people.…

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