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It’s Probably Time to Update Your Resume Before You Go Job Hunting and Here are Five Steps to Do It

So you’re searching for a new job after working with that old company for several years. Of course while you may not need…

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Don’t Include these 5 Phrases in Your Resume

When you’re preparing your resume, don’t ever use cliché phrases that are just, well, too cliché. These clichés are generic phrases that hiring…

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Are You Still Unemployed? Time to Review Yourself

This can be a dreaded question posed by hiring managers when they see the large gap between your previous job up to the…

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It’s Still February: You Can Still Find Your Dream Job in 2015

The first three months in the year is always the best time to look for a job since many vacancies happen during the…

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Three Likely Signs That You Need To Find a New Job

If you are feeling awful, your job is become dreary, or your superiors are always making you feel miserable, perhaps it’s time to…

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The Big Question Always Asked by Employers: ‘Why Should I Hire You?’

“Why should I hire you?” The classic question that most employers or human resource managers ask, and probably the question that will make…

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