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6 Ways on How to Use Facebook to Land a Job

Love it or hate it, the most popular social networking site - Facebook, can in one way or another, help you land your…

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Job Searching Tip: What to Wear During Job Interview

One skill that every professional should have especially during job interview is the ability to create great impression from the interviewer based on…

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7 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback at Work

Have you ever been caught off guard with your boss by giving you some critical, negative feedback regarding your work performance? Sounds hurting,…

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Tips to Prevent Workplace Pain

Aside from the normal challenges we face every day in our workplace, almost all of us employees, suffer from physical pain, like back…

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8 Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

The secret to making a good interview is preparation. Reassess yourself and your reasons for applying for the position and the company. There…

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5 Ways to Engage Yourself with a Job above Retirement Age

  You are not getting any younger. What if you are now in your retirement years, but you still want to work? What…

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5 Facts that Job Searching during Summer is Just as Good as Business-As-Usual Months

One of the myths that I hate the most is that when people, and even self-proclaimed experts say, that job hunting is very…

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10 Tips for Applying Jobs Online

Preparation is one of the most important thing you need to do when applying for a job. If you want to apply online,…

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4 Ways for a Fresh Graduate to Maintain a Composed Attitude in Finding a Job

You think your college life is stressful enough that it drained you almost every day? Well the next challenge after you graduate is…

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