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Top 10 Tips to Stand Out During Job Fair and Get Hired

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Getting ready for a local job fair near you? This can be an exciting time for you as job fairs open up lots of career possibilities for job seekers. The good thing about job fairs is that you have a chance to meet prospective employers and recruiters who are willing to talk to you. Being unprepared might lead to a negative feedback on your job fair experience. While plenty of job seekers are attending job fairs, you still have a chance to be noticed by employers and ace that job. Learn how to stand out during job fair and get hired by your dream company!

1. Get the list of attending companies – Most job fairs advertise their event in advance together with the list of companies involved on the said job fair. If you can, get this list as soon as possible so that you can do your homework before the day. Check out if they have a website or news about them and find out what their corporate culture looks like. Some website do have a career page where they enlist their current job openings that you may want to apply for.

2. Update your comprehensive resume – Although you may have spent a lot of time creating an outstanding resume, you need to review it over once again. Have a trusted person proofread your resume for any grammatical or context errors. Do not just copy a resume you’ve searched online or imitate the template of your friend’s resume. Create your own and don’t forget to use power words in your summary of skills.

3. Do not forget to have a new haircut and manicure – You should look your best when you walk into the job fair. A recent study have shown that people form their first impression about you in the first 10-seconds of seeing you in person. That means you have to look sharp and feel more confident. Get a nice haircut and a manicure so you are not judged negatively on your appearance.

4. Pick out the Proper Outfit for the Job Fair – Like a new haircut and manicure, you will release confidence if you look your best with your outfit. Take the time to choose the proper job interview attire that is professional, timely and convenient. Pick comfortable shoes too while you’re at it because you can expect to be standing on your feet for a few hours.

5. Prepare a list of 5 Great Questions – Employers and recruiters may ask you a few more questions but he may also give you a time to ask him yourself. Jot down at least 5 industry relevant questions you can ask when interacting with hiring personnel at the job fair. This will make you stand out and make you seem more interested on the company.
Top 10 Tips to Stand Out During Job Fair and Get Hired
6. Rehearse your Introduction and Eye Contact – Recruiters pay more attention to things like great communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Take the time to practice your introductory speech and observer proper standing/sitting posture, including eye-contact, facial gestures and the position of your arms and hands. Use an open and friendly stance with regular eye contact and avoid distracting body language.

7. Visit the location of the Job Fair a day before – To increase your comfort level about attending the job fair, try to visit the location in advance. Find out where is the shortest path to avoid being late on the day. Try to check the nearest restrooms, entrance and exit door. On the day of the event, you will be able to walk in there conveniently.

8. Talk to yourself in front of a mirror – This is it! The day you have been waiting for. Once you have completed preparing yourself, your outfit and your resume in hand, it’s time to check yourself in the mirror. Be your own best friend by saying positive words and affirmations boosting your self-confidence.

9. Don’t waste the chance to create connections during job fairs – Aside from getting an interview and a job, job fairs may also help you create the right connections and having conversations that count with company representatives. Try to greet everyone in a friendly manner, extend your hand and exchange contacts.

10. Don’t forget to Follow Up – Once you’ve followed the above tips and the job fair to-dos has been done successfully, your real work has just begun. Take the time to follow up with the hiring managers and the people you met there. You may also send them a handwritten thank you letter and connect with them on Linkedin. This will help keep you fresh in the mind of the recruiters and support your career goals.

It’s not always easy to stand out on a job fair, but if you come prepared and organized, you’ll be ahead of the pack.

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