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9 Tips for Job Hunting Etiquette

In every Job Hunting, it is only natural for job seekers to prepare beforehand. Most of us study job hunting techniques like how to answer the most common questions during the interview, how to prepare the resume, etc. However, one small, but very important aspect for job hunting is often overlooked and forgotten.

What is it that’s so often overlooked by job-seekers and career experts alike? It’s the simple rules of proper job-seeker behavior — job-seeker manners or what they call as Job Hunting etiquette.

Below is an Infographic about 9 Tips for Job Hunting Etiquette that we submitted on Visual.ly.

9 Tips for Job Hunting Etiquette

From Visually.

The 9 Tips for Job Hunting Etiquette are the following

1. Be Polite

2. Dress for the Occasion

3. Be Punctual

4. Learn to Listen

5. Be knowledgeable

6. Appear Upbeat

7. Communicate Well

8. Avoid Interruptions

9. Always Show Appreciation

That’s it! Remember, “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking”.

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