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7 Benefits of Arriving Early to Work Every Day

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Every morning you can see yourself battling with every day traffic and striving hard to get up even your body still wants to stay in bed. Then here’s your punctual workmate who constantly shows up to work very early without seeing a trace of hardship in his face. And that makes you wonder how does he does it. Or what are his/her motivations in being early? Well, chances are, that early bird knows a few things that you don’t. These benefits we will mention probably are the things on his/her mind why his/her attendance is in tip-top shape. The following are the top 7 benefits of arriving early to work every day.

1. Skip the traffic

Traffic can really ruin your day. The longer you’re stuck, the more frustrated you are while realizing that you’re wasting valuable time that could be spent in your office.

Traffic gets worse as 8 a.m. approaches and doesn’t subside until 9 a.m. That’s why switching to earlier morning routine is advisable. If you can force yourself to leave the house early enough, you’ll miss all of that traffic. Instead of sitting inside the jeepney/car facing the heavy traffic, you can be seen at your desk/workstation getting some work done.

2. Peace and quiet

Most office are relatively quiet before 8 a.m. It’s because other employees are still on their way in. Instead of being interrupted every five minutes by a coworker with yet another question, you’ll be able to make a major progress in your latest project.

Imagine when your coworkers arrive and they’ll be starting their daily tasks, you’re already done with yours, freeing you up to focus on the new emergencies that arise.

If you’re the type of person whose mind isn’t quite sharp enough in the morning to tackle projects/tasks, you can still enjoy the quiet morning hours.

3. Impress others

If you want to show to your workmates that you have a strong work ethic, being at work earlier than anyone else is a great way to do it.

Your boss will surely see you as a hard worker who is so dedicated to your job, you’re at your desk, working hard, before everyone else. If you’re on a higher rank, you’ll set the example that you’re willing to work harder than anyone.

4. Catch the early calls

Depending on your line of work, being the early bird of your group can be a huge benefit especially in call center or a customer service company. If a call comes in from a potential client or a customer calls needing assistance, you’ll have a great opportunity to save the day.

Even if your work doesn’t stand to gain by being the first one on site each day, you can still win. You’ll be prepared for early-morning meetings, since you’ve been there first. You’ll also be able to prepare a list of issues to be tackled with your workmates when they arrive.

5. Prepare your gear

Arriving early can also afford you the chance to put your things well like your laptop in “go” mode and your cellphone in vibrate mode so that your meetings or working tasks won’t be disturbed. If you come in early, your paper and pen are just where you want them to be and you’re ready to roll.

6. Hear the boss complain about the guy who is running late

Have you heard your boss complain about your workmate who is running late? Or you’re the one he is complaining every time you’re late? Now, if you arrive to work early, you will never hear your boss complain about you but you will hear him complain about your other co-worker who arrives late. Well at least he’s not complaining about you!

7. Fix your coffee

Most of us like to start our day with a coffee. Well, arriving early lets you prepare things the way you want it. If you arrive late, you’ll want to get something to eat or drink but will feel guilty because you’ve already make a scene by being tardy. This will occupy about 5-10 minutes of your time and the time you wasted before arriving to office already occupied that time.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, there are certain benefits to moving your alarm clock forward a half-hour or more. That extra time will let you tackle work duties uninterrupted or simply have some more time for relaxation and preparation before things get chaotic. Also read: 7 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback at Work

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