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These Job Hunting Tips Are All Time Proven

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Here are some time proven and important do’s and don’ts to help you in job searching when you’re either pounding the pavements or searching online. These do’s and don’ts have passed the test of time and will never go “old school.” It’s worth noting to millennials that these job hunting tips should never be ignored even if other somewhat “newer styles” have come out.

Dressing to impress still works

This is a do that unfortunately many millennials are now taking for granted. Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager and look at it this way: Which applicant would you pick, the one wearing just a shirt and jeans or the one dressed in a business suit? Doing a job search and going to job interviews isn’t like going to the mall. You need to dress appropriately. Even if you’re just inquiring for a job doesn’t mean you can go into an office dressed like you just came from the beach. The name of the game is to look professional.

Never go job hunting in groups

It’s called job hunting for a reason, so unless you’re planning to go deer or rabbit hunting which entails a group effort, job hunting is a lone wolf escapade. Of course, when attending a job fair you can go as a group, but once there, you need to split up and see what suits your skills. You can’t apply at a company just because the group is going there. Also, when inquiring about an open position in a company, do it alone. That way, the focus of attention is on you.

Don’t rely on the internet alone

Again another no-no for millennials who think that going around is “old school” when the internet can offer more. You need to still pound the pavement and visit those employment bulletin boards or check out companies with job boards for updated job postings. Also, never underestimate the power of visiting your alma mater and check with the career counselor for job openings. You might just pass by a company with a job posting or bump into a friend who happens to have some job information.

When inquiring, carry your resume with you

You never know what can happen when you inquire at an office or whom you just might bump into. Bring copies of your resume always because you might suddenly be asked by a company while you’re inquiring if you brought your resume with you because they can interview you now. When this happens, ask if they still need a cover letter. If they say yes, be sure to tailor your cover letter to the specific work position. It will also set you apart and give the impression that you’re always prepared.


Don’t enter a job interview unprepared

This can’t be harped in enough, and yet many millennials still like to attend job interviews without doing research in the hopes of being able to wing it and get the job. This is somewhat ironic considering that researching is made easier in the “age of information” through the internet.

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