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The Pros and Cons of Using Free Job Search Apps for Android or iPhones

The Pros and Cons of Using Free Job Search Apps for Android or iPhones, free job search apps, android apps, iphone apps, job search apps

In spite of technology and the internet, the job market is not an easy avenue to navigate even when using social media. However, some internet based job searching applications can ease the work and find openings with less difficulty. They are all easy to use, are stress-free to use, and are all free to download and use.


This app is actually full-featured for a free job search app and is applicable for both Android phones and iPhones so you don’t need a computer to do your job searching. All you need to do is to type in a job description and your location and you will receive a job listing that you can apply for. The list is complete as each entry even comes with a description, contact information, and even how to apply. You can save the entry or e-mail to the job directly from the app. You can even mark down your favorite companies and receive regular updates.

Cons: No filtering for the search criteria, cannot see job and company reviews, and you may receive too many posts from just one company.


This app can be used in conjunction with Google+ or Dropbox. You can set up notifications for new jobs that fit your criteria that you input into the app in advance. You can even chat with other people using the message center. You can use this feature to ask hiring managers questions about the position or how to apply. Should you set up your app and profile on a computer, you can still access this from your phone so you don’t start over. You can also e-mail the company directly using the app.

Cons: You need strong Wi-Fi to use all the features, some jobs cannot be pinpointed for location, and some companies may post over and over again.

LinkedIn Job Search

One of the best online networking sites also happens to have one of the best ways to apply for jobs. All you need is to sign in using your regular LinkedIn account and you can apply using your profile. When searching for jobs using location or keywords, the app can track your progress and even offer suggestions when new updates arrive. On some jobs you can see if your resume was received and if is being viewed. You can also verify if anyone is viewing your profile.

Cons: Contains very few filters, may produce search results that don’t match with the actual search, and you need to log in to use.

Career Builder

This app you can actually search globally for jobs that suit your criteria. Just type the location and keywords you’re searching for and the app will do the rest. You can even apply directly and send in your cover letter and resume to the company concerned. You can see on the search the job and description, the country, when it was posted, and if it is part-time or full-time.

Cons: Can be hard to pinpoint keywords, some GPS issues may occur, and error messages may occur when applying.


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