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The Best and Most Practical Job Searching Tips Will Always Come From Those Who Actually Got Hired

job searching tips, best advice and tips for job searching, land a job, The Best and Most Practical Job Searching Tips Will Always Come From Those Who Actually Got Hired

You’ll be surprised that many of the so-called experts who churn out tips and advice on the internet about job searching or books and manuals on the subject have actually never been in an actual job search, job interview, or have never been hired for a full and regular job. They actually garnered everything by interviewing virtually hundreds of people to create their articles and books.

This isn’t to say that we should not pay attention to these experts, but sometimes the Best and Most Practical Job Searching Tips for job searching may come from those who have experienced it themselves. Just like in a war situation, while the generals may offer good strategic thinking, it is the lieutenants, sergeants, and corporals who know the real tactics to beat the enemy. What is common on all fronts is that tenacity and creativity will go a long way to eventually land a job.

Make it known that you like the company

During the job interview, make it known to the hiring manager that you went out of your way to do everything to get the job interview because you love the company. You did your detailed research and you know the company from top to bottom. Now, offer some advice or suggestions on how you can improve things and make more money for the company if they hired you. That shows just how much you really love the company. This will impress the pants off the hiring manager.

Focus on quality

More often, quantity may not be the answer to job searching. Many people, especially fresh college graduates, make the mistake of blasting away and applying for every job vacancy they see online or anywhere else that they qualify for in the hopes of landing just one. This is like using a shotgun to hit a target. Instead, focus on positions and companies that really appeal to you and do everything to at least land a job interview. If you pay attention to the details of what the hiring manager needs or exerting more effort to tailoring your needs to the company, you might just get a job offer soon that 100 resumes failed to do.

Create a blog to show off your skills

This is most useful if your skills are into graphic designing, web development, apps, writing, marketing, or virtually anything that you can put down on paper and into a blog. Make sure you update your blog at least weekly. Share your blog’s link on your social media and resume. Should the hiring manager ask you about your blog and opens it up, it will look good and updated and you’ll have no problem talking to the hiring manager about it and what it does or share. It also shows the hiring manager what you can really do first hand, with you explaining everything. They will see that you know what you’re doing and are not afraid to go online with it.

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