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Save Yourself from Bad Impressions by Revealing the Real Reasons Why You Left Your Past Jobs

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When you attend a job interview and the hiring manager finds out that you were once connected to several companies but only for short periods of time, the natural question to ask is, “Why did you leave your past jobs?” It’s not a trick question, naturally, but if you answer this one in the wrong way even once, you might find your chances of getting that job being thrown out the window.

Be very careful because the “why” in the question may make you feel on the defensive. Don’t. So long as you’re honest why you’re left them then you save yourself from some bad impressions.

Here are some acceptable explanations for why you left your past jobs, assuming any of these is the truth:

  • Taking on more responsibility to grow more in a career – this can probably mean you’ve been always passed over for higher positions.
  • Desire to take on less responsibility – this isn’t a negative because it can simply mean that you had too much responsibility in your last job and you want to spend more time with your family. Taking on less responsibility doesn’t mean working less hard.
  • The need to relocate – this is a given and doesn’t need much explanation except for the real reason for the relocation.
  • Desire for a career change – you may need to explain this in detail. It can be anything from finding out that your present job isn’t what you ever desired or wanting the present job opening because it has always been your “dream career.”
  • Company reorganization has led to dissatisfaction in the work place – this is understandable for companies that have been bought by another company. If the reason is employer dissatisfaction, make sure that it’s not only you who feels this way but is a majority feeling, and state that many like you are leaving the company.
  • Desire a shorter commute to work – this may need a bit more of explaining, so you may include that it affects your efforts to find a balance between work and family since you tend to leave very early for work and come home very late, giving you less time to spend with the family.

However, remember that you’re still getting the job interview for the current job being offered so you still need to keep your head in the game.

Attempt to steer the interviewer in the direction that your leaving your past jobs is a great gain for the job opening you’re applying for now. Show excitement that you want to share your skills and experience to make more money for the company while having the opportunity to learn more skills.

Tell the interviewer that you have no problem adapting to the change and new work environment. So you need to focus on your strengths that the new company can take advantage of when they hire you. You can mention, but in a nice or subtle way, that it is these strengths that your current employer has never harnessed. Also Read What Do You Say to Interviewers When They Ask, “What Motivates You?”.

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