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Many Fresh College Graduates Still Make These Job Search Mistakes

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If you’ve seen the statistics of the high rates of unemployment for the present Millennials (the selfie me me generation) you’re probably one to wonder why this is so. Perhaps there really is a job shortage and fresh college graduates are hard put to find employment? The truth is that because of the Millennials tendency to only look out for themselves they tend to make certain mistakes over and over again, even if they know that others before them have made these mistakes beforehand and had difficulty landing a job.

For instance, several surveys found that most fresh college graduate applicants tended to ask companies what they can offer to them rather than the other way around. This is a big difference with applicants from just 10 years ago who were conscious of asking what they could offer a company and how they can make more money for that company. The same surveys even found that one out of four employers found recent graduates to be inadequately prepared in stark contrast to older applicants who come armed to the teeth.

Failing to use their alma mater and counselors

Networking is a key strategy of job searching, yet many Millennials find this too “old school” and sometimes completely ignore it in favor of doing online searches. Most often, many alumni are willing to help out since they are already in positions to help recent graduates. Likewise, career counselors usually have folders full of job opening updates that can prove useful to recent graduates.

Not doing the proper research before the job interview

This is something harped in and hammered in for each generation of job seekers and yet, ironically, in the age of the internet and easy research, this is sometimes forgotten by many fresh graduates. Knowing about the company you are applying for and the ins and outs of their products, services, work environment, culture, and other pertinent information should be a given and must be standard operating procedure for all applicants. Showing up for a job interview with no knowledge of what you’re applying for is tantamount to not applying at all.

Using generic resume formats and cover letters

Another no-no if ever there was one, and this has been a subject frequently hammered into past generations. When you submit generic paperwork to companies, you are simply sending the message that you are too lazy to customize your cover letter and resume to the company and the job position. This is an irony considering the technology of computers and the ease of preparing word documents. Even generic e-mail cover letters are a no-no when applying. Also Read: How to Write that Really Effective Cover Letter.

Not cleaning out your social media

During your college years you probably posted everything silly about you including your drunken stupor pictures and half naked dancing images. Now that you’re applying for a job, hiring managers tend to do background checks (the beauty of the internet and technology again) so you need to clean up your social media presence. You have to look as professional as can be lest your negative or expletive posts become the deciding factor for recruiters. Also Read: 8 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Get Hired.


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