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Even the Seasoned Professionals Need Good Job Hunting Tips

Even the Seasoned Professionals Need Good Job Hunting Tips, seasoned professionals, job hunting, job hunting tips, season professionals, good job hunting tips

Be more specific

To get a coveted job vacancy, seasoned veterans and professionals need to make themselves stand out and be different from the younger applicants. They can do this by pointing out companies, industries, achievements, and skills that the younger ones don’t have. Also, don’t make the mistake of creating a resume that attempts to look like the masses. This is not appealing to hiring managers.

Customize that cover letter and resume

Never make the mistake of most fresh college graduates by churning out generic cover letters and resumes. Take the time to customize and tailor-make each one for every specific job application. This also sends out the message that you’re not lazy to work on something important. Also Read Create Cover Letters That Will Make Recruiters Smile and Then Call You.

Use both internet and non-internet resources

While the internet offers a vast galaxy of search possibilities when looking for a job, don’t count out those job boards and bulletin boards at your alma mater. Take note also of announcement boards outside companies and offices that might post job hiring positions.

Use your network

Veteran professionals have something that millennials don’t have, and that is a strong network that has been built up in the last 10 to 20 years or so. So when job hunting, be sure to talk or at least say hello to at least 3 people in the past or present of your network and inquire about available jobs. Most likely one of these will have a friend of a friend who knows a company that’s hiring and right up your alley. Past means someone like an old college classmate or a former co-worker. Present means your family, relatives, and friends, even members of your local chess club, etc. You can even go on LinkedIn and connect with another professional related to your skills and inquire if they may know anything in the way of job vacancies.

Link on LinkedIn

And speaking of LinkedIn, if you’re a really non-techie type who never bothered with LinkedIn, now is the time to create an account for your job hunting. Even after you’ve landed a job that LinkedIn will come in handy if you need to connect with other professionals for marketing purposes or simply for work. You can also check out independent job postings and other related posts that can teach you more for your skills.

Be honest with yourself

You honestly know that you’re good, but make sure you know how good you are and know your limits. Not everyone is made to be a general because you’re better at being a captain or a sergeant. Also, if you’ve been unemployed for a while, your skills might have somewhat rusted up, so you need to remove that rust. It’s good to focus and emphasize on your strengths especially if you tailor them to a specific job search, but make sure that you also recognize your weaknesses and work on them so you can safely say to the interviewer that this will not be a hindrance if they hire you. Also Read Save Yourself from Bad Impressions by Revealing the Real Reasons Why You Left Your Past Jobs.


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