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Create Cover Letters That Will Make Recruiters Smile and Then Call You

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You know how good you are and this shows in your resume, and you’re confident that you can sell yourself and your skills during the job interview. Your resume is top notch and you’ve been through like ten times over. You even practiced with friends on how to face a job interview.

Unfortunately many people squander the opportunity to sell themselves by writing bland, redundant, or cliché-filled cover letters. Worse, the application may even sound condescending and too much like all other or the vast majority of cover letters. No brilliant flashes of difference whatsoever. So, how do you pull off a cover letter that will really make any hiring manager smile?

Be really specific why you’re interested in the company

Believe it or not, most companies want to feel special in your eyes and why you chose them. You need to make it clear that because of your really good skills you specifically chose their company and not just because you’re unemployed. For instance: “I grew up reading your magazines because my dad subscribed to them. Even when I was already working I still subscribed because I got great news from them. Now, I want to give others that same news quality that you gave me.”

Convince the company what you can deliver to make more money for the company

This should be paramount in every job interview that you need to show the company what you’ve got and what you’ve got can make more money for the company. You need to show the hiring manager that you can deliver the goods. For instance: “For now, I can just outline that the following skills that I have such as (outline your skills and strengths) are more than enough for the job description and you can see more in my resume, along with my achievements from these.”

Never fail to address a specific person

The days of “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager” are gone and these generic cover letters will only get your papers thrown in the trash. Also Read How to Write that Really Effective Cover Letter. You have to find the specific person that the cover letter should be addressed to. If you don’t know, you need to go out of your way to find that person in the company. This is also sending the message that you did your homework and found the right person by exerting some effort. Cover letters are mostly addressed to a hiring manager, human resources recruiter, or probably the manager.

Honesty is the best policy is never an outdated cliché

A critical factor in all cover letters is the honesty factor. Also Read The 6 Biggest Mistakes You Can Do With Your Cover Letter. You may know how good, hardworking, and skillful you are but you still need to be honestly “you.” You need to be yourself. Just being honest and being genuine in your cover letter will go much further than all the blowing up of your skills and talents that may eventually read more like a selling proposal rather than a human cover letter.

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