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Career and Job Tips that You Can Learn from The Game of Thrones

Career and Job Tips that You Can Learn from The Game of Thrones, game of thrones, career tips, job tips, game of thrones in job searching, nepotism, jobs for every juan

If you’re familiar and always follow The Game of Thrones series on HBO, then you know all the conflicts going on. The most prominent of these conflicts is the struggle for the Iron Throne. Unfortunately, life’s realism can feel just like the conflicts in the HBO series while job searching or career difficulties may feel like sitting on the Iron Throne. So with that, here are at least 3 lessons about job searching and career guidance that you can learn from The Game of Thrones.

Nepotism has no place at work or in business

How was it working as the King’s Hand for the Lannister Family who held the seven kingdoms of Westeros? It got Ned Stark’s head chopped off, most of his family killed or scattered, and his own castle Winterfell invaded. Sounds familiar? Ever got your head figuratively chopped off because you found out too late that the company you were working for is actually ruled by nepotism and you can’t complain about anything? It’s even more dangerous to boast that you have nepotistic ties that got you a job, and this got silver-tongued Jaime Lannister’s hand chopped off. The lesson here? While small businesses may be family-run, it’s different if nepotism is ruling a company, so it’s best if you just left that company and searched for a better one. And if you did land a job because your dad is on the board, it’s best you keep quiet about it because no one likes a braggart.

Learn the work and adjust to the work environment

Everyone seems to love Daenerys Targaryen. From a difficult life she built herself up and adjusted well to every different or unique situation thrown her way to the point that she conquered two major city-states, freed slaves, and gained an army and 3 dragons. When you get hired in a new company it is necessary that you quickly adjust to the new work environment and your new co-workers. You may want to read The First 90 Days is Crucial in any New Job. Also, you need to adjust and learn fast about your new work because a lot of expectation is riding on you. And this is normal with every new employee that comes in. Nothing less will be ever expected from you and no one will cut you any slack just because you’re newly hired.

Acknowledge those who do good work for you

This is a very important tenet of management, so praise your staff or employees when they do a good job. In Game of Thrones, the consequences of a dysfunctional employer and ingratitude are seen between Tyrion Lannister and his father Tywin. Tyrion did a good job of defending King’s Landing and balancing the books of the realm, and he got no gratitude from his father. This is eventually what got Tywin killed by no less than his son Tyrion. Praise and gratitude can go a long way, and no reward even needs to be connected to it. Simple words of recognition, praise, or a “thank you” are more than enough to melt any employee’s heart. Well, it’s better than getting a crossbow bolt in the heart while you’re in the privy.

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