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Applying and Interviewing for Government Jobs Can Be Different from Other Jobs

government jobs, job interviews, job openings, Applying and Interviewing for Government Jobs Can Be Different from Other Jobs

If you applied for a federal or any other government jobs and you got the interview, you need to realize that job interviews for such can be a bit different than other job openings and interviews out there. But it still applies that you should never appear in a government job interview unprepared and you plan to just “wing it” in the hopes of hitting the target.

Firstly, government human resources managers can be the most brutal out there because they need to really find out if the applicant is really qualified for the job or not. The method of developing relationships or just being friendly with interviewers will simply not work in this case. Secondly, you got the interview because they saw that you have specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities that their office needs, so stick to this during your job interview. Also, most government interviewers will give you a specialized task challenge and ask you how you may solve the situation given the resources that they will specify. The name of the game here is no longer how much money you can make more for a company but how much money can you save the government.

As usual, do your research

You need to find out everything about the government agency you are applying for from top to bottom. Don’t just depend on their website as government websites are notorious for not regularly being updated. Find other sources and research their leadership and organizational setup, their company culture, quarterly reports, funding, and any news updates about the agency or its activities. If you can find people you may know that work in the agency or have relatives or friends who do so, ask to speak to them to ask relevant questions. Interviewers will show no mercy for any applicant who doesn’t know much about the applied for agency.

Attend the job interview with a clean slate

Government human resources are the most thorough and they certainly won’t call you if you have a criminal record. What you need to do at this stage is to clean out any “dirt” or inappropriate things found on all your social media platforms. This includes comments and posts. If you tend to bash government agencies or personalities in your social media or blogs, you can kiss your government job goodbye.

Be a problem solver, not a “self-seller”

You don’t have to sell yourself for a government job. What agencies usually look for are problem solvers. Prepare problem-action-result situations that you really experienced and are near to the actual job position you are applying for. If the interviewer gives you a situation to solve, remember that the government doesn’t want you because you can make more money but because you might save them more money. Try to analyze the situation thrown at you carefully, think of solutions that you can do to address it, and make sure the solutions deliver results that the interviewer will find satisfactory.

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