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7 Cost-Effective Tips to Prepare for a Video Job Interview

7 Cost-Effective Tips to Prepare for a Video Job Interview, video job interview, face-to-face interview, interview tips, jobs for every juan

There will be a time when you’re scheduled for a job interview for a company that’s either in another state or overseas. Because of this the hiring manager will conduct the interview using web-based video (such as Skype). In fact, many companies today prefer to use video job interviews to conduct what they call “talent and skills acquisitions.” While almost similar in some ways to an actual face-to-face interview, there are several considerations and preparations you need to make to make sure the video interview goes smoothly.

You need a strong, stable, and reliable internet connection

If your bandwidth is slow, there is a tendency for connectivity issues, delays, or “jerkiness” that will occur and ruin the whole interview process. Only a good internet connection can avert this. Before the actual interview, test your video conferencing with a friend to see how your connection measures up.

The room should be properly lighted

Any hiring manager at the other end will want to see you as clear as daylight. They don’t want to interview anyone as if that person is in a darkly lit warehouse. Too much lighting can be glaring as well on the part of the interviewer. Check out everything that may cause glare for the hiring manager such as shadows, window shades, sun glare, and too much lighting. Additional tip: Make sure your background is clean and clear of clutter and anything else bothersome. Your nude model poster in the background might not work well if the hiring manager is a woman.

Testing one two, one two…

Before the video interview, test the computer, video app, etc. to ensure that everything will work properly. It can be embarrassing when something breaks down at your end during the interview. While testing, look at yourself in the camera and make sure the background is clean. Remove any distractions in the background. Additional tip: If there are other people in your house at the scheduled time of the interview, request them not to walk around in the background or make any noise during the interview proper.

Practice, practice, practice

Like any other job interview, you stand to lose nothing if you rehearse with a friend, mentor, or sibling, but just make sure you practice with someone professional and not your baby brother. It’s better if you record the practice session and then sit down and critique or get feedback on what you did right and what can be improved upon.

Dress properly

Being in a video interview is no different from a face-to-face one. Make sure you are dressed professionally so the hiring manager sees this. Don’t make the mistake of just dressing your upper body portion while you’re wearing shorts and thongs below. Some hiring managers are wise to this and make the applicant stand up to see what he or she is wearing.

Be prompt

Again, it’s a scheduled interview so never be late. Be at your computer and logged in at least 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

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