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5 Ways to Engage Yourself with a Job above Retirement Age

 5 Ways to Engage Yourself with a Job above Retirement Age, Job above Retirement Age, ways to engage yourself with a job

You are not getting any younger. What if you are now in your retirement years, but you still want to work? What if you have the desire to work but you can’t find one because of your age? In fact, many companies are looking for older workers like you; you just have to know how to find them or how you must position yourself so that they can find you.

Below are 5 unique ways to occupy yourself with a job above retirement age:


  1. Accept an interview with a random company related to your field. This is not a mindless approach to find a job, but this is just a simulation, a practice of the real thing while experiencing the real thing itself. You can’t afford to be rejected in your desired company by directly accepting their interview. After many years of rusted interview approach and proper dialogue with the HR, you need this warm-up to make things tidy and as acceptable as possible just like in your younger years. This will help boost your confidence and revive the lost swag you’ve performed years ago in front of the HR.


  1. Revise Your Resume. Your resume; old and stinky, outdated by the fast-paced employment hype through the years, needs to be rebuffed and overhauled. You need a consultant, a young adviser, or just Google your way in updating it. Surely, it must be comprehensive through your years of experience at work. When the resume is updated, so as with you. Old yet full of content.


  1. Go for temporary work vacancies. Long-term work is not that important in your age now. Temporary work is just the suitable employment type for you. Also, temporary job opportunities are not sensitive to age. This are better designated to the more experienced workers, thus your experience will give you a huge plus above your younger competitors, if there are any. Younger job hunters are usually found into the permanent job opportunities section, so that narrows down your competition and will give you a higher chance to be accepted.


  1. Search for them. Remember the news paper ads or a job bulletin board in your city/municipal halls? Those days are gone. Maybe there are some areas, mostly rural, still parading the same system of employee searching, but this is not the case of the majority of our city/municipal halls. Google is here; use its power to search, not just for a job but to filter where that job is available. You can also go deeper by searching when these jobs are available. Most importantly, what age group is the company seeking to reach. This will make your search faster and lessen the effort to find your next job even at your old age. Google is not too new to people like you, everyone is free to explore.


  1. Real work needs real experience. You might have the experience before, but you can also refresh that experience in real action! Volunteer yourself to any church-related or career-related campaigns or organizations. This may give you a little salary, or no salary at all, but this will help you to keep in track of what’s new and what’s not.


Consider these things if you would start to work again. There is no fear in the heart of a person who loves to work however old they may be. It’s the enthusiasm that encourages them and enthusiasm without a proper plan is useless. Make this small list as your starter plan and have your career resume in no time combined with your undying enthusiasm!

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