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5 Facts that Job Searching during Summer is Just as Good as Business-As-Usual Months

5 Facts that Job Searching during Summer is Just as Good as Business-As-Usual Months, Job Searching during Summer, job searching, job tips

One of the myths that I hate the most is that when people, and even self-proclaimed experts say, that job hunting is very slow during summer. No it’s not; they are just like any other impulsive job tips writers.

It is important to note that job seekers are rare during this time of the year. Now if the seekers are rare, the job vacancy filling will also be slow. Competition is lessened and the opportunity is widened. Imagine having a date on February 15 rather than February 14, you can set dates easily on restaurants with lesser competition on that day. The essence of the Valentines celebration remains, yet the exhaustion will be lesser. Much like job searching during summer, it is just as good as business-as-usual months.

Here is the 5-part breakdown of that fact:

  1. Jobs are everywhere. Job seekers are at the beach, to an island up north, a tourist site in the mountains, and more. They are, just like others, thought that summer time is vacation time. In business, there are rare to no time for that. Therefore job opportunities are still active during this time, with lesser amount of contest.

Job hiring companies expected to get quality employees during their hiring process when it’s summer, because summer time job hunters are usually those who are diligent and do not slack off of the time that appointed for them to seek instead to flop.


  1. Summer is the time to train. When the demand is low from company clients, when the schedule is not that ramped up, the need for staff development is commonly materialized. So if you are lucky to be hired during this time, your learning can grow faster compared to being hired in any other month. Now how good is that?


  1. Interviews are condensed. Summer time is very fast, so the employment process can go very fast too! Those 2-3 weeks of job interview can be reduced to just a week or even just a single day! Come think of that, it’s not a thing to pass.


  1. Increased referrals. This is when your friends, classmates in college, neighbors, and every childhood buddies come back to town or unite for a certain event, you can easily ask them if they have known any job opportunity for you. They are usually unavailable during business-as-usual months, better cease the moment and grab the opportunity to hasten your search.


  1. Develops team chemistry easier. While the client requests are lesser, just what I’ve said above, some employees are also on leave or on vacation during this time, this means that the team is thin. While strength in numbers remains true, intimacy is more attainable for new employees when there are only few workmates around. When your confidence is not that high, you can easily manage and form team chemistry with less intimidation.


Now, when the rest of the team will be back after summer, you can start there to build your connection with them from the foundation you’ve laid to others that have remained during summer time. Now that’s not scary!

Now what are you waiting for? It is summer, spend your time wisely.

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