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3 Unorthodox Methods to Get Through a Job Interview

3 Unorthodox Methods to Get Through a Job Interview, unorthodox method, important interview tips, job interview

You have an important interview coming up in a few days. You’ve followed every good method in preparing for this interview like doing a very detailed research on the company you’re applying for and understanding the work culture and environment they have. You even know what direction the company is going in the next 5 years and any challenges they may face. But did you know that there are somewhat unorthodox methods you can use to ace that interview?

Be clear on details

When you’re notified about the interview ask the person arranging the interview about what may go on for that day. Will it be a series of interviews? Will it be a panel interview? How long does the interview usually last? You actually have a right to know. The more information you have the better prepared you arrive at the interview. If the schedule set for you is a long morning or long afternoon affair, bring some high energy snacks that you can easily pop into your mouth while waiting your turn. You’ll be thankful for the additional boost.

Do a dry run

According to the strategist Sun Tzu, “Going to battle prepared is winning half the battle.” A couple of days before the interview, trace your route from your home to the company premises on the same time as the scheduled interview. Anticipate traffic patterns and how long it will take you to reach your destination. This is for you to be prepared in not being late. On the actual interview day, arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time so you can have time to relax and focus your mind. The time is best used also by adjusting to your surroundings.

Bring with you the following:

  • Your professional portfolio – bringing your professional portfolio keeps you prepared in case the hiring manager needs to see a certificate or other pertinent papers during the interview.
  • Company information and contact numbers – all this information is of course, relevant, since you already did your homework and know the company from top to bottom and inside out. The contact numbers are in case of an emergency in case there’s an accident or some other delay and you need to call the company to let them know what happened and perhaps reschedule, unless they’re okay with you being late.
  • A few copies of your resume – if it’s a panel interview some interviewers may be there unprepared and may not have glimpsed your resume. Some panel interviewers are usually just pulled out of nowhere. So all you need to do is to hand out your resume to the interviewers and send them another message that you come prepared as always.
  • Sample work – anything that demonstrates your skills and abilities to perform your job. For jobs like web development and the like, you can copy your work and USB sticks and inform the panel that you have samples of your work in it in case they really want to look at it.

That’s it! If you follow these tips, I can really say that you are already prepared for the interview. Good Luck!

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