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You Might Want to Go Job Searching If You Are In One of These Unhappiest Jobs

job searching, unhappiest jobs, low-level jobs, You Might Want to Go Job Searching If You Are In One of These Unhappiest Jobs

You may not be one of the millions around the world facing unemployment, but you might not be happy with your job either. On a global scale, some 32 percent of employees are unhappy with their work for various reasons. However, while some jobs can really be engaging and can make employees feel happy, there are simply jobs that have very high stress levels and often make the job occupier very unhappy or at least anxious.

While so-called low-level jobs may cause unhappiness because of low pay, many employees of these jobs are actually happy because they are working or treat their job as a stepping stone. Instead, the top jobs that can cause a lot of unhappiness are usually in the “middle-market” positions. For low-level jobs, only freight handlers, bartenders, and roofers had the most dissatisfied employees. For middle-market unhappiest jobs, these are:

Customer Service Specialist

Dealing with customer complaints and providing product and service information for inquiries can sometimes take a toll even if the job is done over the phone or the internet. It’s not easy to handle unhappy customers for hours, making the employee also feel unhappy.

Truck Driver

Long travel hours and great physical demands can result in high stress levels. Truck drivers in fact have the highest rates of illegal drug use for any job position.

Technical Support Agent

Know why this position is outsourced to India and the Philippines? Like its customer service counterpart, the job entails talking to dissatisfied customers or those who don’t know how to handle technical matters.

Legal Assistant

These people are the support staff of lawyers or prosecutors. They hold a large amount of responsibility and frequently need to meet deadlines, causing them to always work overtime.

Research Analyst

Most analysts are market researchers who need to collect and analyze data to study market conditions to measure potential sales of a product or service and prepare reports on their findings. Most often their findings are always debated on by the higher ups so the analyst really needs to defend the findings.


Clerks are considered low-skilled jobs so virtually anything is thrown at them including making coffee and taking out the trash. They may even be called to be cashiers, clean the office, arrange shelf displays, and stock merchandise. They are also tasked with being receptionists and answering the phone.

Emergency Dispatchers

These people are the backbone for police, fire, and ambulance services. They work late shifts and long hours and are under a lot of stress and pressure to remain calm under the most pressing situations.

Security Guard

For the third straight year, security guard has been ranked as the top unhappiest job in the world. Security guards carry a great responsibility to protect property and deal with dangerous persons and other complex situations. Long hours and late shifts are common and often are accompanied by extreme boredom with extreme stress. Like the clerk and dispatcher jobs, there is hardly any room for advancement beyond this position.


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