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Use a Wild Trick to Get Your Wild Career Goals

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Getting a job means more than just getting the job. For many people landing a much coveted job that they really wanted in all their wildest fantasies is also the key to their very own lifestyle that they choose to maintain such as in terms of health, wealth, love, and happiness. Most often, getting a job that has been their wild career goal is the ultimate personal goal rather than just landing a job for the sake of having a job rather than being unemployed.

The so-called “wild trick” to all this is what is called “impatient patience.” This is the method of setting the right goals and then meeting or exceeding them. This may sound very basic but, most people’s perspective on goal setting and achievement is all backwards. It’s basically how we are trained since childhood. Impatient patience can correct this backward misconception.

So, what is impatient patience anyway?

The vast majority of people always act as if everything in the world has a proper time and place and they may have all the time in the world to achieve their goals. So they patiently wait for the opportunities that may come their way. However, when opportunities arrive, we are so quick to jump in quickly and yet still throw all caution to the wind. What happens is that when an opportunity is lost or the goals aren’t met, we wait for the next opportunity.

This is the state of impatient patience. What we all need to do is to flip it over so it becomes “Patiently Impatient.”

Why doesn’t impatient patience work? For some people, they need tomorrow to get good at something. But why wait for tomorrow? Why not get good at this now and patiently build up your dream from being good now? For other people, they set out to build a wall and look forward to making a really good wall. But you don’t build a wall by building a wall immediately. You start by laying one brick at a time every single day. Soon you’ll start having a wall and you can improve on it or upgrade it as it goes up.

You need to take action now, today, and get inspired and motivated today, but patiently build up your career brick by brick. When you are patiently impatient then you can build up and even exceed your wildest career dreams. You don’t have to apply for just any job and use these as stepping stones; you can apply now for that dream job and once you have it, you can build yourself into that job brick by brick. You improve daily as you work and the days go by.

With some people, you often hear them mention about 5 or 10 year goals and by that time they should have reached a certain goal in their career. But why set it so long when you can set an 18 month goal? This is more than enough time to make your wild career dreams happen and encourages you to take action now to achieve this goal. So the next time you think of applying for a job because it’s simply a “stepping stone,” perhaps you need to be patiently impatient today and go straight to that dream job you’ve always wanted.


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