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Tips on Using Twitter to Find a Job

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When you think of social media for job searching, you probably think of Facebook or LinkedIn. The former is a mix of both formal and casual job searching while the latter is a very professional profiling site. You may not be thinking of using Twitter to find a job because this social media platform is more into chats, hence the term twitting or retweets. If you’re seriously a professional who wants to be seen as a potential job applicant, Facebook and LinkedIn are the platforms that you will need.

However, you can still use Twitter to support your efforts on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The one problem with such sites as Facebook and LinkedIn are that everyone else is there, especially your competition, and this puts you in a “in the box with the rest of the apples” situation that makes it more difficult for you to stand out. Again you need to use Twitter engagement using a really professional sounding Twitter handle like @newyorkjohnengineer or @torontomarvinITtechsupportexpert.

Draw recruiters into your online content

Write a short biography about your job history, your article publishing history, online portfolios, and blog site using one or two hashtags connected to what you wrote and a short URL. This can get you discovered by people who have never heard of you, especially hiring managers.

Share interesting professional content

Why not tweet a line about a professional article. In fact, it’s better if the article is connected to the job positions that you are applying for. Or better yet, write the article yourself and post it. Your tweet then leads other people to read your article. This shows your skill and talent that may catch the attention of hiring managers.

Find the live job openings

Many companies and hiring managers actually flash their latest high priority job vacancies on Twitter. Attempt to follow recruiters and hiring managers who specialize in your line of work and industry as well as companies that you are targeting. You can make simple Twitter searches like “HR jobs NY” or “jobsLACalif.” Try playing around with word and phrase combinations. You can also try tweetmyjobs.com to find jobs that suit your skills.

Always stay up to date

Aside from companies and hiring managers tweeting job vacancies, some might tweet open seminars, workshops, symposia, and even job fairs. These are both networking and job opportunities that you cannot afford to miss. These events create their own hashtags so organizers can live tweet speakers, speeches, program topics, and the like. You can then follow the recruiters who may be behind these events or attending the said activities. Likewise, attending these events goes beyond tweeting as you can introduce yourself, and don’t forget to bring your papers just in case.

Follow companies of interest

Every company today seems to have their own Twitter account. They now know how to use Twitter to promote their company’s key products or services and comments on issues of concern for the company. You need to follow these accounts in order to find an opening to pitch in your job skills.

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