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These Factors Have Changed the Job Search Market Forever

These Factors Have Changed the Job Search Market Forever, job search market, social media, job search landscape

Or has at least changed the job market for the next 5 to 10 years, or until technology will change the job search landscape once again. The job search market has suddenly changed dramatically over the past 3 to 5 years. In that short span of time, the approach to finding a new job has taken new approaches that has turned traditional job searching almost 360 degrees. Job hunters need to know what these new changes are in order to adjust accordingly.

Social media is beginning to replace the resume

In terms of online application, sites like LinkedIn and Google+ can connect applicants and recruiters to find the best matches for jobs and skills instead of putting up job ads. Some recruiters even go to lengths in connecting and contacting potential applicants instead of the other way around. Therefore, the more exposed you are on social media and making people know that you’re job searching, the more chances of getting a job.

A work history summary is enough

Again almost replacing the details on resumes, when candidates for job searches post their work history summary on social media like LinkedIn, all recruiters need to do is to read through these summaries. This may take around only 30 seconds, and this is a big help for recruiters who need to go through hundreds of applications and resumes.

Social media is proof of who you are

Aside from testimonials and endorsements that you may have on social media, your accounts also reveal to recruiters who you really are and if you’re a real fit to the job they want you for. You may have the best job history summary that recruiters have ever seen, but when they see your drunken party pictures or your cross dressing portraits on Facebook, you can kiss your chances to that dream job goodbye. Or perhaps a potential employer who happens to be colored suddenly spots your racist comment tweets on Twitter and that spells doom to all your job searching.

Cover letters and resumes don’t always have to be on paper anymore

Most companies now who hire from online don’t receive paper applications and resumes anymore. When they also receive them through e-mail, they don’t print them. This means everything is read on the screen, and with the swiftest of eye movements. This means that you need to format your cover letter and resume in a way that makes screen reading easy, and this includes the font and font number.

Who you are comes first, resumes come second

When a recruiter gets in touch with you on social media, especially on LinkedIn, interviews may sound more like friendly discussions. It’s a way for recruiters to get to know you better. If they like who you are and your character, then that’s the time they ask for your resume. Usually however, this may only be a formality since they already scanned through all your social media accounts before connecting with you. If they see you have nothing to hide, then they get in touch with you. So make sure your social media is clean and clear.

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