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The Lost Art (or Skill) of the Job Application Follow Up

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Many people don’t realize that most failures in the job hunting and job application process is in the lost skill of the follow up. Applicants don’t usually follow up after dropping off their resume with the HR department or don’t follow up after an interview. Many simply wait around to see what happens, thinking that their job is done in applying for a job. In actuality, many job applicants actually don’t know how to follow up. Here are a few tips then on how to follow up for a job application.

Follow up after applying

Believe it or not, once you submit your application, the ball isn’t completely in the employer’s court. If a recruiter receives so many applications, it might take them weeks, so at this stage, you need to play the game of patience. After at least a week of not hearing anything, you need to “aggressively” check on your application and ask the recruiter kindly what became of the application.

Sound enthusiastic as you talk to the recruiter and ask when you can follow up again. The advantage to this follow up is that you put a live face on your application that the recruiter will remember over the hundreds of others who didn’t follow up. Remember to be soft spoken so as not to sound obtrusive.

Follow up after the interview

Being in an interview is like reaching third base in a baseball game. So, how do you reach home base after you’ve passed the most important screening? At this stage, you’re now in the right to somehow continually follow up and see what happens next. Usually, the recruiter will tell that they’ll get in touch with you after such and such a time. If this time lapses, then you have all the right to follow up, because after all, you have the right to know if you got the job or fell short, so you can move on to the next chapter.

You also have the perfect excuse to follow up since it was the company who told you they would contact you after, say, a week. You can actually follow up either in person of just send a friendly e-mail and explain that you are really interested in the position, hence your follow up, but also understand that hiring and selection can take time. You can then politely ask if they have an updated timeline for their hiring. When this timeline lapses again, you can follow up again. Notice that whenever you follow up and nothing comes out of it, you’re not demanding for an update of your status but simply asking for an updated timeline.

This will sound more polite. Remember too that if the company is taking too long to contact you, it doesn’t mean that it spells that you’re out. If they haven’t told you outright that you didn’t get the job, then most likely the recruiters might be struggling on whom to hire, and you’re one of those up for selection. Thus, when you follow up, you put a live face once again into the memory of the recruiter if the others didn’t follow up.


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