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The First 90 Days is Crucial in Any New Job

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You were just accepted in a new job. You may be an entry-level college graduate or someone with a previous job experience; but it doesn’t matter, because what matters is adjusting and doing the right things in the first 90 days in the new job. If you’ve heard the saying that the first 100 days is crucial after being elected president of a country, the same holds true in any new job.

Analyze how your manager or the employer got to be a success in that business. Before enriching the company, part of your job is making your boss look good in front of the owner or making the owner look good to everyone. Your interests must be aligned with theirs.

Take some discreet time to get to know your co-workers, especially the ones you will be directly working with. You can try to join them during lunch or coffee breaks, or if they invite you for some after-work activities, go out of your way to say yes. Try to analyze their frame of mind, especially those who have been around for a long time and see how their success is measured.

Try to identify where the real centers of power emanate from. Sometimes these may not be obvious and even a position doesn’t mean power. Identify who are the office politicians and the time wasters since every company has a few. These are the people you may earmark in the future to stay away from.

Take time to study the real history and background of the company. Knowing how everything came about and evolved is useful information in formulating future ideas for products and services. Knowing the real story behind the company and its pioneering employees will greatly help you adjust better with the right people, and further avoiding the wrong people or avoiding pushing the wrong buttons in people or situations.

Remember that you are looking at the company with fresh eyes so take in everything and give critical analysis on everything that you absorb. Now would be the right time to analyze if this is the company you may be staying for the long term or just making this another stepping stone for the future.

Don’t just accept a task just because no one else wants it. First understand why everyone is refusing this task because this may be a task that everyone knows is doomed from the start so accepting it will only set you up for failure. However, if it is just simply a boring task, like documentation or being the secretary, then take it. You will learn more about the company.

Set up a pattern for yourself in easing into the office system. Make yourself trustworthy by following on your commitments and being honest with your work. Don’t make too many promises you might not be able to keep and make sure your finished tasks will always make you look dependable. Likewise, when you make mistakes, accept constructive criticism and learn from it.


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