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The “Condiments” and “Sauce” You Can Add to Your Job Search

The Condiments and Sauce You Can Add to Your Job Search, condiments and sauce, job search, how to conduct a job search, tips and tricks

Do a Google search on the keywords “how to conduct a job search” and you’ll literally come out with thousands of hits on articles and other content purporting to give “advice” and “tips and tricks.” Some of these may even contradict each other depending on who the writer is, the age factor considered, and experiences.

It’s no wonder that some job searchers can feel somewhat frustrated after being unemployed for so long. You suddenly feel like your pet dog chasing its own tail; only you’ve been chasing your own tail version of the application-interview-rejection cycle.

The truth is, just like cooking a dish, you need to put in condiments. It can be spices, onions, garlic, soy sauce, or salt. Sometimes you also need to put a special sauce in. All these contribute to making the dish taste better. It’s the same with job searching; sometimes you need to put in the condiments and add the sauce to “spice up” your job search.

Be nice

Show everyone, and this means everyone, that you’re nice, kind, thoughtful, and a caring person. Remember that you are your own brand so the brand needs to feel nice for people to buy it. Be nice and treat everyone with respect, beginning with the doorman, the receptionist, the secretary, the intern, the interviewers; in short, everyone that you come in contact with. This motivates you to do better in the interview because you’ve spread so much positive vibes around.

Network instead of just using your computer

If one day you’re searching online, go out the next day and meet with a few of your networks. Have coffee with your friends, relatives, former colleagues, and anyone who may have information about job openings. Visit your alma mater and talk with your career guidance counselor. Sometimes job searching is all about meeting people than just chatting with them online or on social media.

Never entertain negative thoughts

When you start entertaining negative thoughts about your job search, you start to lose hope. Remember that job searching isn’t easy and it doesn’t get better if you start having a defeatist attitude. Once you give up hope, all is lost. If ever your thoughts start straying with, “Maybe I’m not good enough to land this job” or “I don’t think I fit into anything I apply for,” start countering these with something like, “If I don’t get a job, I can’t spend the whole day watching TV” or something to this effect.

Polish your resume and make it targeted and accomplishment driven

When recruiters see how much you’ve accomplished with your past employers, they start to think that hiring you will be your past employer’s lose and a gain for the present company. But you need to demonstrate all these accomplishments, and more, on your resume or else no one will be convinced to hire you, let alone schedule you for an interview. Your resume is your sales proposal so make it look really good.


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