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Step Up Your Job Search After Graduation

job search, fresh graduates, meaningful employment, job search after graduation, Step Up Your Job Search After Graduation

If you’re graduating soon, it’s understandable that you’re ecstatic and elated. However, at the back of your mind, you can feel the pressure build up knowing that you and your degree can either find a job soon or join the hapless number of unemployed. Don’t fret because many fresh graduates and eventual job seekers have ultimately succeeded in getting through this transition from student to professional and have found meaningful employment. But you need to get serious now by doing the following:

Never put off job searching

Some graduates decide to take time off to rest after graduation. That’s your prerogative, but remember that the more you put off a job search the less chance you might find a job. Many companies would often advertise open job positions just before the college graduation month because they can have a variety of fresh entry level applicants to choose from. Job searching takes a longer time than many expect, and in fact the more industrious ones actually start their job search a month or two before their graduation. If you dilly-dally, you may end up unemployed for a long period of time, unless you get really lucky, but luck has nothing to do with job searching.

Make use of a network

New graduates should use their networks especially in social media as this is a normal aspect in job searching. Your alumni, high school alumni, parents, parent’s friends, friend who has a friend who has a friend, close friends, and relatives are all part of this network and any one of them might know a job opening or two. You can also ask them whom to get in touch with for job openings.

Listen and learn even from the old school

Conducting a job search isn’t something taught in school though campus career counselors may offer some advice on this. The best way is still to learn and research from online sources or talk to your parents, older siblings, relatives, or older friends about this. Sometimes, even old school networking and job search techniques have their place today. Online sources alone can give you tons of information about cover letters, resumes, and job interviews.

Don’t leave out any experience on your resume

Some graduates tend to leave out some school experiences that they think is irrelevant to job searching. Fresh grads need to realize that they really don’t have any experience to banner out at all in terms of work experience, so whether they were the busboy at a local restaurant or delivered newspapers every morning by bike, all this will show the hiring manager how hardworking and productive you were in your college days while studying at the same time. Hiring managers see all this experience, even those school-oriented ones, as demonstrations of work ethics, leadership, and reliability. Never sell yourself short by editing down, even if you were just a tenor on the glee club.

Create a professional e-mail address

If you’re e-mail address is warmaster@mail.com or braindamage@email.com then don’t expect hiring managers to reply to your inquiries or cover letters, no matter how good they are. Use your full name if possible so your e-mail sounds professional.


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