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Sharing Those Tips and Tricks to Fresh Graduates Seeking for Teaching Jobs

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Teaching jobs are one of the most satisfying jobs today. Now that the salary of most teaching jobs is improving, the principle once held for teaching as a “noble profession” is slowly coming back even for those who are practical minded and see a job for monetary reasons. The old adage for teaching jobs as “teaching while learning and learning while teaching” is once again coming back especially in the minds or practical minded or realistically critical fresh graduates with an education bachelor’s degree.

What makes education and teaching jobs unique is that it doesn’t just focus on teaching per se. The teaching job will depend on what major you focused on in college. This could be English, science, math, physical education, pre-school, elementary, or even special education.

For professional teachers already holding down teaching jobs, they have some responsibility to share those tips and tricks about teaching jobs and how to apply for them. As more and more educational institutions are cropping up, and more and more teaching jobs are becoming available, it is only right that those already teaching should share their experiences with the fresh graduates, the novices, the rookies.

The following are what you can share:

Plenty of patience

A teacher can’t have a short temper. In fact, patience should come in an endless supply. You could say that patience should be like ordering bottomless iced tea or unlimited refillable coffee. Not all your students are fast learners and you’ll certainly have your share of unruly ones, or even the bullies who will challenge your authority.

Ample supply of supplies

Whether a pre-school, primary, secondary, or tertiary teacher, you will always need your ample supplies of what you need for your teaching level, be it pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, crayons, folders, white board markers, scissors, rulers, etc. It can be embarrassing to approach another fellow teacher because you don’t have a pen and you need to borrow one.

Classroom ground rules

You need to establish the ground rules or classroom rules on the first day of classes. You need to make it clear to the students that these ground rules will make running the class smoother and that any infraction of the rules carries a corresponding penalty or punishment.

Plastic storage bins

Most schools provide filing cabinets or wooden storage shelves for their teachers in the faculty room. However, these may not be enough so you may need to have your own plastic storage bins. You’ll need them to store seasonal items with proper labeling. For instance, final exam papers or research papers are more often never returned so these will need to be stored away.

Technology teaching aids

In the modern world, technology is the teaching aid friend of the teacher. A laptop alone connected to a wall projector can present a whole lesson faster and clearer than just using lecturing and the chalk board. There are many tools and apps today that teachers can use as teaching aids.

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