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How to Get that Job By Selling Your Skills and Commitment

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Observe how salesmen make their pitches to try to sell a product. What they do is to sell what the product can do, what you can get out of the product, and the company’s commitment to the continued support of the customer. This is the same concept when selling yourself to get a job. You attempt to sell what you can do and how good you are at doing things, you sell your skills, what your skills can do for the company, and you commit to the company for the long term.

However, always remember that, unlike a product, you don’t carry a warranty, you don’t carry a lifetime free-service guarantee, and if you fall apart or break down, you can’t be recycled. However, you can banner the fact that your skills will never go out of style and you won’t really cost so much, or if they give you a large price, you will be worth every cent. So take heed on ways you can sell yourself to get that job by showing off your skills, how good you are with those skills, and how you can make more money for the company. How to get that job by selling your skills and commitment? Read further.

Make your skills stand out

Based on your past achievements and skills that you are pitching, you will now be pitching that this is the set skills that will produce more for the company. Your skills can bolster productivity, raise output, and increase revenue. Your skills are the latest and always updated. You always keep yourself up to date, and you even study what the competitor is doing.

Never talk price

Never initiate talking about money unless the hiring manager asks first. Companies will always have a budget for each employee – they wouldn’t be hiring if they can’t pay you, right? – and when you apply and get accepted in a company, they are willing to pay your price. Not all hiring managers will go with the cheapest applicant because sometimes cheap means low quality. When the question is broached about salary expectations, the safest answer is to honestly quote your last salary and tell the hiring manager that you feel that you are worth more, given how good you are. Often, hiring managers get turned off by applicants who act too modest.

Commit for the long term

No one is indispensible in any job, but if you can prove your worth, the company hiring you will want to keep you for the long term. However, some hiring managers have a fear that you may only be using the company as a stepping stone, given how good you are. While the days of staying in your first job after graduation until retirement are gone, you also need to convince a company and the hiring manager that you selected their company to share your extraordinary skills because your there for the long haul. Mirror only what you are and what your goals are, regardless of whether the company is populated mostly with a younger workforce or expects employees to stay for the long run.

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