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How to Find Out What’s Really Inside a Company Before Accepting a Job Offer

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So, you landed a job interview, and surprisingly, the hiring manager tells you after the interview that you passed with flying colors and that they’re willing to hire you on the spot. Great? It sure sounds like it, but before you go out celebrating, remember that the really good companies sometimes really need time to examine each candidate before deciding on whom to hire. Perhaps you’re really that good, but still, some employers try so hard to present themselves in a good light and that you may not be aware of their bad publicity.

So before accepting that tempting job offer, take time for the following:

Ask really smart questions

If the company really has nothing to hide then they won’t mind if you ask them smart questions such as:

  • “What time do you normally come in for work and leave for the day?”
  • “How often do you do overtime?”
  • “Were there ever any conflicts within the company and how was this resolved.”
  • “How long did the last person who had this position last in the job and why did he/she leave?”
  • “What kind of boss will I be working for?”

Talk to other people former employees from the company or search for them on social media

Good employers won’t mind if you talk to their employees and ask about the company environment. But still the best way is to talk to anyone you know inside the company and ask for an honest opinion. Better still, search for former employees on social media, introduce yourself and explain why you’re making contact, and ask them about the company you’re getting into. If you talk to 10 people and at least 6 give you a negative opinion about the company, that in itself is already worth a heads-up.

Check online for reviews, testimonials, etc.

Checking online will yield a wealth of information even if you search using the company’s name as the keyword followed by “reviews”, “testimonials” and the like. You might find posts, reviews, or even discussions from current and former employees. Be wary of positively glowing reviews as these may be company planted. On the other hand, if you only spot a single but scathing review, this might have been posted by the competition. Pay attention to quantity and things that sound like being in the middle and well balanced.

Don’t let your desire to be finally unemployed blind you

You might have been unemployed for some time and suddenly you get this job offer. Again pay attention to little warning signs about the workplace culture. If you’re interviewed in the company premises, try observing if the employees seem happy to be working. Are they really working or just trying to look busy and working? Are they discussing about work or gossiping? What about the hiring manager? Does he or she really know what he or she is doing or is he or she just going through the motions of interviewing. Truth is, if the company can’t hire a top notch hiring manager then you might want to think twice.


So you’re finally enlightened now, are you ready for the the job search? Well don’t forget this tips before accepting a Job.

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