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Here are 10 Jobs That Are Strongly Hiring If You’re Still Unemployed

10 jobs, vacancies, vacant job positions, Here are 10 Jobs That Are Strongly Hiring If You’re Still Unemployed

Many economists now are in a quandary when they analyze the overall global economic situation. On the one hand, countries that were once in an economic recession or financial slump are now climbing out of that rut. This isn’t counting of course the countries still under economic duress due to government ineptness such as Greece or countries on a war footing. On the other hand, many companies and businesses are reporting that they are facing a hiring and skills shortage; literally millions of job positions are left open still waiting to be filled. However, on a third hand, tens of millions all over the world are still unemployed. It’s as if the global economy is suffering from a split personality.

Many economists see this blend of positive and negative news as a strong indication of a coming recessionary period that can prove disastrous for the job market. For now, however, the problem that needs to be tackled is finding jobs for as many job seekers as possible. This is because in terms of micro-economics, the ability of self-preservation by finding a well-paying job is foremost than worrying about a country’s economy, let alone the global economic condition. And the target is not only to bring jobs for the unemployed, but filling the ranks of the unemployed with quality jobs, and vice versa for the jobs themselves that need to be filled up by quality employees.

The survey for the top 10 jobs that still need to be filled and is still hiring globally on a global basis has been initiated by the Manpower Group Talent Shortage Survey, a U.S. based economic think-tank. The survey has polled more than 50,000 hiring managers and human resources departments from more than 55 countries. Manpower Group’s annual surveys have always been regarded by top economists as fairly intricate, surprisingly revealing, and truthfully non-biased.

In fact, according to their latest survey, some 38 percent of employers worldwide are having trouble finding suitable candidates for their job vacancies. In Japan alone, more than 75 percent of employers have been frustrated with the difficulty of finding the right employees for the job, while the language barrier compounds the problem since they cannot hire English speaking applicants who have more than enough talent for the vacancies.

Global trends are now indicating that the following jobs are still hiring like crazy and may offer the best chances for those still on the job market. Here are 10 Jobs That Are Strongly Hiring If You’re Still Unemployed:

  • Skilled Trades
  • Sales Representatives
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Drivers
  • Managers or Executives
  • Accountants, Bookkeepers, Financial Staff
  • Office Support or Administrative Staff
  • IT Personnel
  • Factory Production or Machine Operators

Sales representatives isn’t surprising given the hard skills needed to sell a product, brand, or service. Engineers are actually suffering from a shortage of graduates all over the world. Many are no longer enticed to take up engineering degrees. The shortage in drivers is more pronounced in the trucking and delivery services since many people don’t see driving as a long term career option.

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