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Going Out (Escaping is more like it) for a Midday Job Interview

job interview, job issues, job dilemma, midday job interview, Going Out (Escaping is more like it) for a Midday Job Interview

Here’s the sort of problem or dilemma: Your present job is really a dump. In fact, dump is a really kind word to use. There are other vindictive and vendetta-sounding words you can use to describe everything about your work, supervisors, bosses, co-workers, etc. So you go out job hunting on the sly. You do it on your own time at home on your personal computer. After a few weeks, you get a hit from a dream position and company you’ve always wanted to transfer to. The problem is, they’re scheduling you for a job interview at midday, smack dab in the middle of your regular working hours between 12 noon to 2 p.m.

There’s no other way out of this except to tell your boss or supervisor a lie. There are hundreds or lies from which to choose from. A dentist’s appointment, a doctor’s appointment, your gynecologist (if you’re a woman); in fact, anything to get you out of the office. Tell your boss you tried to make it before or after work but, it’s the only time they could fit you in. What’s good about using a sensitive subject like a gynecologist is that it’s sensitive so no questions will be asked. You can even offer to stay on after 5 p.m. to make up for lost work.

Now, we’re not teaching you to be a liar if you’re not used to lying. The alternative would be for you to tell the truth, and no boss or supervisor in his or her right mind would give their permission for you to leave. Even if you do insist on leaving, you are now marking yourself as a trouble maker and you won’t leave the company later on in good terms. Even if later you do leave in not too good terms, at least you leave on your own terms because you found a better job and not because you’re marked as a troublemaker.

Another problem may arise if your company makes you wear a uniform or you’re allowed to dress casually at work.  For the former, you can call the hiring manager who’s going to interview to ask them if it’s okay to go to the job interview wearing your present company uniform. If the hiring manager finds it inappropriate, you need to bring your clothes and change before going to the interview. Change in a public restroom away from the office so you won’t be spotted. If your office has a ground floor restroom and you work at the top floors, change on the ground floor.

For the latter, you can just dress up for the interview and hope no one notices. If anyone asks why you’re so dressed up – especially if it’s your boss – just sort of brush the question aside by saying that you just wanted to try on something new or different, and then quickly change the subject. If you have a car, you can change in there as well, though it might be a bit harder given the cramped space.


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