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Going Job Hunting May be Scary Even for Those in Really Crappy Jobs

Going job hunting, job hunting, fear of hunting, crappy jobs, Going Job Hunting May be Scary Even for Those in Really Crappy Jobs

You would think that everyone today who faces a really crappy job for any reason would just attempt to look for a new and better job. A bad job may exist for several reasons, the most common is either having a really crappy boss or employer, or the job is no longer productive for the employee’s long-term career plans. But, surprisingly, there are still a large number of people who are actually scared of going job hunting even to replace the present bad job. Here are the reasons (or excuses) as to what scares these people.

The fear of taking a chance

Some people rationalize that, yes the job they have now is just crappy to the core, but if they land a new job, what guarantee do they have that the new job won’t be just as crappy or the new boss won’t be just as bad? The realistic answer to this is, no, there is no guarantee, but then there are ways to go around these fears. For instance, you can inquire from friends, relatives, and former co-workers about the job environment and leadership of a company that is advertising a job ad. All the better if they’re working in that company. You can also check with your network on social media about what they’ve heard about this company.

The fear of receiving some backlash from the company they’re leaving

To be realistic about this fear, any company or boss that gives you backlash for leaving isn’t a company worth staying in. Employees have the right to leave any job they no longer want or need to seek out greener pastures. When your soon-to-be former boss gives you hell because you’re about to leave, then it only proves just how bad your boss is as a leader. You can simply sit down with this boss and tell them in their face that you’re leaving this crappy job, or you can simply wait for the exit interview, that is, if they give you one.

The fear of looking inward and facing these fears

What was it that Franklin Roosevelt said in his inauguration speech? “The only thing we need to fear is fear itself.” Many people know that their bad job is getting their career nowhere. They know that they’ve kept this bad job for too long. And yet still they keep it. Why? They’re simply afraid to face the facts that everything mentioned above, and even more, is true, and won’t do anything about it. Some people actually justify their fears because they still get a raise from time to time and are even promoted, so they still grind out with their bad job, even if it still means that, career wise, it will still take them nowhere. Remember that no job should keep you cemented in place if you don’t like it anymore, not especially if you’re still young, smart, and full of great skills. You need to think that you’re being young, smart, and those skills can be utilized by a more deserving company.

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