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Getting that Job Even When Overqualified or Mature of Age

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There is a quandary when it comes to the issue of applicants being overqualified for the job position, mature of age – usually starting at 40 years old going up – or even both at the same time. On one side it involves the applicant and why even at that advanced age and experience, he or she is shooting for lower position jobs or even entry-levels. On the other hand it involves the recruiter’s fear of hiring someone who is really overqualified in experience and age.

The people with really impressive resumes usually are those of advanced age. They have held one or more senior managing positions in the past, logged in around 10 or more years of precious experience, managed a sizable number of people, and even commanded a large budget for their department. But at some point in their life, they suddenly feel that they no longer want the pressure that accompanies their senior position. They now feel that all that experience can be best contributed to another company in a lower – and with less pressure – position with few managing responsibilities.

From the point of view of the recruiter this kind of situation may seem unusual, so his or her instincts in human resources begin to kick in. Perhaps this senior manager was kicked out or terminated for a major infraction? Or if they hire this person, won’t he or she demand a higher salary given his or her higher experience level? Will this applicant fit in with a much younger boss given the age difference?

The solution to all this is actually quite simple: Both parties need to open up and be honest to each other, though everything must be initiated by the applicant since he or she is already aware of the lopsided situation.

To initiate things, the applicant should make an effort to trim down the resume and focus on the skills and experience for the job position at hand. You might want to remove the leadership experiences since this will create the situation of being overqualified.

Next, the applicant must initiate with the interviewer and be honest that there is no problem in accepting a lower position with a lesser title with a lower pay grade. The applicant can point out that having so many responsibilities in the past kept the applicant away from the family most of the time. Having a lower position means getting to spend more quality family time at home.

The bottom line is that should the recruiter ask more questions and delve deeper into the applicant’s background, the applicant should never lie, but should never play up the experience either. It’s simply explaining the truth as mentioned above as to why the applicant is willing to accept a lower paying and lower level position. Also, the applicant should convince the recruiter that the commitment is long term and the applicant has no plans of leaving the company in the near future and the applicant will deliver a high level of productivity.

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One thought on “Getting that Job Even When Overqualified or Mature of Age

  1. Im no professional, but I think you just crafted an excellent point. You definitely understand what youre talking about, and I can really get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so straightforward.

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