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3 Things Recruiters Are Looking for in Applicants for Tech Jobs

3 Things Recruiters Are Looking for in Applicants for Tech Jobs, tech jobs, recruiter qualifications, leadership skills, applicants for tech jobs

Tech jobs especially in the computer and internet industry have become one of the most available jobs on the market and the most applied for. However, it’s one thing to apply for a tech job, it’s another matter for companies and recruiters to identify if an applicant and his or her skills is a real match for the job at hand. With this in mind, how does an applicant stand out and prove that the skills possessed are really a match for the job being applied for.

Put up those leadership skills

While most applicants can show and prove that they have the technical skills, only a few can show real leadership skills. Most recruiters and high level executives are impressed when an applicant has had experience in leadership skills in any form. It comes as an additional plus since this applicant is capable of being trained and taught and then given work without too much supervision. In your next interview, explain to recruiters how your leadership inspired your co-workers to finish a project that greatly improved the company’s productivity.

Know the numbers

Data-driven applicants are mostly in high demand especially in the technology and marketing fields. Any experience or background in handling data-driven tasks will always be a plus for applicants. Recruiters are always on the lookout for applicants with the ability to use analytical skills and creativity to solve complex problems. Remember that as more and more data is being produced and used by almost all industry categories, there is now an increasing need for people who know how to gather this data and to understand how to use and when to use this data to tell a story, tackle an issue, and the improve the overall production of the company. And they don’t just need another “numbers guy” to simply count and calculate the metrics. Rather, companies need people who can understand and use the influence of numbers. In your next interview, you can point out situations when you used numbers to improve your previous company’s productivity.

Don’t be shy and show those skills

An interview and your resume are not the time or situation to be humble about your skills or your attempts to be updated. Have you been taking short-term web design classes in a college lately? Show it. Have you been attending several recent seminars and workshops on technical writing? Show the certificates. Recruiters are always impressed with people who go out of their way to add more knowledge and in updating the skills they already possess. This is also one way for companies to determine if the person they will be hiring has more than enough knowledge and skills to the point of no longer needing to be given any form of training. Any form of training takes time and is an additional cost for a company, whereas a new employee who can work almost immediately with little more than just an orientation on the first day is already an asset.

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