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These Keys to Job Satisfaction Are All Backed by Actual Science

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Most people today are unhappy with their jobs because they chose the wrong one. This is because they chose the job over their happiness since they reason that it’s hard these days to land a job. However, a bad job or a boring job is tantamount to having a heart attack. In fact, most people with no jobs or run their own business is happier than those with even the biggest but lousy jobs. Most are unhappy with their employer because of trust issues. Before you apply for a job, make sure you’re motivated to accept that job.

Many people don’t know what determines happiness or satisfaction in a job. It’s actually in front of them each day at work but they just take these for granted. These are satisfaction with the employers, relations with colleagues, satisfaction with immediate supervisors, task diversity, and job security.

Job satisfaction isn’t just about your job. There are other factors to consider outside your work area as well. When you are happier overall with your life and lifestyle, this can also cause overall job happiness. Very seldom does job satisfaction cause overall life happiness. Most employers overlook this when they don’t take the time to make their employees happy or don’t take the time to see if their employees are happy outside the workplace. Know the secret of successful companies? Their employees are happy inside and outside of work.

Money will never bring job satisfaction. Let’s be realistic though, because you do need money for a lot of things and bills. But if you have a lousy job, even the biggest income will never give you job satisfaction, and job satisfaction affects income earning for companies. Many research studies have found that the happiest employees are those paid by the hour in rank and file positions. Also, being paid for performance dramatically increases job satisfaction. And when you’re happy, you become successful.

Job happiness is associated with psychological needs fulfillment. When your job fulfills your learning, autonomy, skills, respect, the ability to count on others, and being appreciated for the work you do, then your job fulfills your satisfaction ratio.

Job stress is caused by overwork. Overtime isn’t worth it because all this means is that the boss is giving you more work than you’re worth. That’s why they have job descriptions. If your boss strays from this, then the job becomes dissatisfaction.

Weekends are for you, not your work. On weekends you need to stay away from any form of work and you need to do activities away from that work. You don’t spend your weekends thinking about work. People who think time is money will have a hard time looking for leisure or relaxing time.

You need good relationships in the office. You and your boss need to trust each other, and the same goes with your co-workers. However, research has proven that being an ass-kisser and being the boss’s BFF is detrimental to health.


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