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These are the Top 7 Industries That Are Growing and Have Been Hiring Almost Non-Stop

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The only constant in life is change and this is also evident with the job market. Some jobs and skills can be highly available for a few months but may only later fade into obscurity. Some jobs are seasonal and may only be a trend at least once a year. So if you’re searching for something that suits your skills and college course, you might want to know the industries and categories that have been constant in their hiring and wherein there has even been significant growth.


This may not come as a surprise to many given the trend of countries having an increase in their senior populace and the downswing of college students taking up healthcare, particularly nursing. Many countries today are in fact openly advertising that more nurses are needed for their hospitals.

Retail Sales

No, these aren’t just department stores or product stores; telecommunication companies are now hiring to increase sales of their smartphones and other gadgets. New employees are being offered handsome salary and commission package benefits, especially when they have repeat customers or more than one consumer coming from one family.


This one is a bit tricky especially if you don’t have a driver’s license or your license doesn’t reach the six- to eight-wheeled vehicle category. But today there is an increasing need for more truckers for an economy that seems to be going up due to an increase in consumerism. Trucking companies are actually having difficulty matching overland delivery service demands.


This is one category that has never left any growing industry field beginning in the late 1990’s. In fact this industry has grown to fantastic proportions all thanks to another growing industry: The internet. Consumer needs are actually driving companies to innovate further and so software companies need more employers up to the maximum acceptable number they can maintain.

Technical Support

What used to be an industry dependent on outsourcing is beginning to return to their mother countries thanks in part to computer support company snafus that happened in the past with Indian and the Philippines. New homegrown computer support companies are being created and are growing because companies now realize that it’s more cost effective for the locals to fix their own computers rather than have Indians and Asians do it from overseas. Because of this, more certified and professionals technical support professionals are needed.

Call Centers

This industry has experienced the same thing as those in the technical support industry as more localized call centers are springing up rather than outsourcing to other countries. After all, for instance, only American call center agents will probably understand the needs of their American clientele. Thus, new call centers need new agents to meet the rising demand.


This is good news for an industry that fell extensively around 2005. This left many bookkeepers and even accountants out of a job. Today, all companies need more accountants so as to properly manage money matters.

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