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Spotting Those Red Flags in Job Ads and Descriptions

Spotting Those Red Flags in Job Ads and Descriptions, red flags in job ads, red flags, job ads and descriptions, job hiring phrases

It is not only companies who need to weed out the bad applicants from the good ones. Sometimes some companies will post questionable job ads that would seem logical and relevant, but upon closer scrutiny will reveal a red flag. This intentional red flagging by companies on their job ads and descriptions is simply made to mask what is really behind the job in order to get more applicants. You need to be able to spot these job ad description red flags that will only mean a really terrible job.

If you carefully read the job ad description, you will be able to spot these red flags by simply reading between the lines. Many of these job hiring phrases are simply smoke screens for jobs that will suck you dry like the proverbial vampire.

Must have a good sense of humor

This red flag may be believable if the job ad is hiring standup comics. But if the job is in the office, what do comedic skills have to do with the job? If the job description lists this as a requirement, it only means that the job carries a very taxing expectation beyond laughing matters.

Fast-paced environment

Wall Street or hospital ER rooms are “fast-paced environments.” But if a company lists this in its job ads to describe their office environment, this means tasks must be finished in a hurry and any work-life balance flies out the window. Another related job description to this is “must be able to handle extremely stressful work” and this only means the company will demand from you including your weekends, bordering on sadism. If you are a thriving sociopathic sadist, then this is the job description for you.

Flexible with other tasks

This red flag simply states that you will be given other tasks outside your job description. It’s one thing to just pitch in a little with answering the phone or monitoring a Facebook feed, but “other tasks” will simply mean doing other jobs unrelated to what you signed up for. You get the red flag when you ask the interviewer what these other tasks are and he or she gives you a vague answer.

Job ads with no company name

All you see in the company name is “company confidential” and this is a clear red flag. How do applicants know what the job really is if there is no company name? Also, how are applicants expected to do any background research on the job if there’s no company name?

Suitable job for students or stay at home parents

This means that this is a part-time job flexible for the schedules of students and parents, but also a red flag indicating very low pay since the experience level needed is almost zero. The low pay is obvious since it targets a niche that may accept any form of compensation.

Any mention of “passion” or “passionate”

This is a borderline red flag that is a code word for “suffer.” Asking employees to be dedicated is one thing, but requiring them to be passionate only means that you will be made to suffer at your job either by the really hard tasks that are near to impossible to get done or the really sadistic boss who will make you “passionate.”

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