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Not Just Hard Skills: Soft Skills Are Also In Demand by Employers

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A college degree and other credentials are important, but often what isn’t taught in classrooms are soft skills, or if taught, they are not practically applicable to today’s work environment. Not many realize that, while it’s good to gain hard skills from internships, part-time jobs, and from the course itself, soft skills are more and more in demand these days from employers.

Soft skills are basically general skills connected to practical application and character building. Here are the top soft skills in demand for today’s job market:

Communication Skills

It goes beyond just speaking the language. Oral and written communication skills needed in the job environment involve active listening, presentation skills, and excellent writing capabilities. One sought-after soft skill is being able to explain things in the simplest way possible to potential customers and co-workers who aren’t tech savvy.

More than adequate computer literacy skills

Almost all work these days, especially white collar jobs, involves basic computer skills with varying degrees. This is perhaps the reason for the increase in the number of students taking up IT courses. When applying for a job, don’t forget to include this in your resume because many college graduates take this for granted as a given in today’s world.

Interpersonal skills

These skills include the ability to work as a team member, relating to co-workers and superiors, and managing conflicts. Any applicant possessing these is a sure valuable asset for any company. This skill is important to employers especially when the time comes to groom you for supervisory positions. Being in this position means getting along with others while still at the bottom of the food chain. Personal accomplishments are still important in any resume, but very seldom will lone wolves thrive in any work environment, unless you’re applying for the CIA.


The ability to adapt to sudden or frequent changes and to manage tasks in today’s fast paced professional work environment is important especially with the constant change of technology. Employees need to quickly pick up on evolving business trends, technology, and even product or service relevancy to customers.

Problem-solving Skills

These are skills that need the most on creativity, reasoning, past experience, stored knowledge and information to resolve issues. These are very much sought after because these are also the people with great adaptability skills. Believe it or not, problem solvers save companies a lot of money because they can resolve conflicts faster than usual.

Strong Work Ethics

Employers are actually also looking for people who know how to do things the right way with no shortcuts. These people must be reliable, even if a few mistakes are made at work, but that’s only normal since no human is perfect. Most managers and supervisors don’t have the time to babysit each and every employee, most especially the new ones. This is a skill that is often a must-have for employers because the new hire can be left alone with little supervision and his or her job doesn’t need second guessing because the employee is proven to be reliable.

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