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LinkedIn is Your Helper in Finding a Job

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LinkedIn is now a 12-year old professional business listing site with over 300 million users, mostly filled with professionals. If you haven’t figured out that this business listing site can help you find a job, think again. It not only advertises your complete professional profile, but it can help you get or build up connections. This site is also visited by numerous hiring managers and recruiters to look up job hunters while posting their own job ads. It’s worth your time to review your LinkedIn account and improve upon it or create one if you don’t have an account yet.

Use a customized URL

The URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, for your LinkedIn page can be customized so your name is driven to the top of Google search. All you need is to hover your cursor over “Profile” at the top of your homepage and select “Edit Profile.” Click the small wheel to the right of the URL link under the profile photo. Edit your URL as you see fit based on your first name, last name, etc. You can try out different combinations such as adding a city abbreviation to your name like NYC or LA.

Write a short summary of your career success

Using just 100 to 300 words, you can summarize in story form all your career successes and achievements. You can add keywords or phrases at the end of the story to indicate that your job hunting such as, “I’m interested in doing SEO work” or “I’m really good at digital marketing.”

Make a short resume based on all your experiences

LinkedIn gives you a chance to list down all your significant job experiences and descriptions. However, the keyword here is “significant” so write down only those connected to your career successes or presently connected to your latest job or what type of job you’re searching for.

List your skills

This simple listing shows everyone viewing your profile just what you can do and what you are really good at. This listing, and the corresponding endorsements that come with it by other people, will reflect what your strengths are.

Add publications, articles, or website samples of your work

Showcasing your work will really show potential job applicant hunters just how really good you are. For those involved in any form of writing, it may be easy to do this. If possible, try to publish photos of your work or link to your personal Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr accounts for pictures of your work.

Connections are the backbone of LinkedIn

The connections on LinkedIn is what gives this business site its strength in networking. For instance, you might want to apply for Company Z, and you discover that one of your connections has a connection that works there. You can contact your connection to help you get in touch with that Company Z connection or ask your connection to tell the company connection to recommend you. The same works if you have connections who are alumni from your college or your former work colleagues.


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