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How to Write Terrific E-mails That Can Get You a Job

How to Write Terrific E-mails That Can Get You a Job, write terrific emails, email tips, effective emails

Many job applications are now happening online, so instead of the printed cover letter, e-mails are now the name of the game. When applying for a job using e-mail, the introduction on an e-mail composition page becomes the new cover letter. So, here are some top tips in writing effective e-mails and landing those jobs because of them.

Be very responsive

When you are recommended by someone for a job offering, you need to respond and follow up immediately. After the new contact has granted you an interview whether in person or over the phone, send a thank-you e-mail as soon as you can get hands on a computer. This is not being desperate; it’s a sign of respect and appreciation. Your quick response will impress the HR recruiter.

Use very appropriate subject lines

When you use appropriate subject lines in your job application e-mails or follow ups, you trigger an impulse with the HR recruiter to open your e-mail. Your subject lines should read something like these:

  • Sam Smith Following Up on John Cannon’s Introduction
  • Marketing Services Internship Application – Sarah Miles
  • Doug Middleberry Applying for the Office Professional Job – Referred by Gary Bergdorf

Get straight to the point with your message

E-mails need to be short and e-mail cover letters are no exception. They can’t be written like normal cover letters. You need to explain everything fast and straight to the point. Don’t forget to introduce yourself properly if you’ve had no previous contact, give a good “thank you” if you previously met, or mention properly if you were referred by a third party. Remember what they taught you about English grammar writing: KISS – Keep It Short and Simple. Don’t make it more than 10 lines with the background thought that the person reading the e-mail will be very busy. Introduce yourself properly in the first two sentences. It’s best to use 12 point font so the reader can read without reaching for reading glasses.

Always put yourself in their shoes

Applying online using e-mail is actually more taxing for HR recruiters than accepting printed applications. The number of e-mails pile up so this makes them somewhat anxious, and your e-mail only adds more to the pile. If you haven’t heard back from the recruiter for some time, just think that they’re busy. If you receive a very cold response, this may not be because of your application, but because replying to 20 e-mails a day can be hard on the recruiter. This doesn’t mean that the application is over. Take the next step and follow up, say once every two weeks until the recruiter either sets you up for an interview or tells you you’re not the person they’re looking for. In spite of the refusal, send the recruiter a thank you e-mail. Don’t forget to thank them for the interview grant and inform them that you will be there on time.

Remember that each e-mail you send to a potential employer is an opportunity to move forward even if you get a refusal.


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