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One Solution to Help You Speed Up Your Job Search

job-searchGoing through the objectives is one of the techniques used by most of the job searchers all over the world in their hunt for their next job; sending resumes to companies that want the skill set that are same as yours, or a degree that is similar as yours. But these constant search of a position has been flocked by a horde of applicants maneuvering in the traditional process of job application exploration, applying a job that requires a skill they possess.

Skill-to-position parallelism may be the best way to land a job, but it is still our human ties that speeds up the search. Classmates, friends, church mates, org mates, and any other set of friends and second degree connections will help you propel your job quest.

Speed up your job search. Look for that friend in your class where you have both an interest into something aside from your programming major. A friend that likes NBA as you do, that goes to movie cafes as you do, that loves native delicacies like you do. But don’t settle to have these similarity search to a single mutual want. For example, if you are to choose a friend that might help you that likes a popcorn, he can’t help you further than by eating a box of popcorn. Tighten your search, add on more common traits in your search. A friend who loves popcorn and who is at the same time a graphic designer is a better choice and can give you a lot of better opportunities than the lousy popcorn eater.

This list can go far depending on the field you have an experience with. Your common traits in life plus your identical technical skills is a surefire propeller to the next company that will hire you. This process of finding that person can even be done faster by using social media as your investigative tool.

By investing your time and attention in this process of looking for people having a couple or more traits and interest like yours, you put importance into human ties than the actual objectives. This is how this world is shaped and harnessed. Objectives are just part of the relationships you can build in an office, a relationship that is improved from what was once a college buddy you have years before.

Remember always that the decision making of the people doesn’t value much your skills over your commonality of interests. These common ground will ensure cooperation and has a more potential for team progression and development. Unlike having a member that is less likely cooperative and responsive with your interests outside the actual job. That is why most decisions of recommendations, rejections, and promotions are strongly influenced by a set of human connections. Because the more you like your teammates, it’s more likely for you to have a desire in continuing your projects with them working beside you.

Let’s speed it up. Divert your direction from looking for a job to a more narrow and faster search of looking for people in which you want to work with. This might be the solution you have been looking for in all the delays of your job search wanders.

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