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5 Ways to Unleash Your Employee’s Talents

5-coe-talent-managementJob descriptions and fixed salaries. This are the best way to describe a position an employee can have. This is a process that is implemented into small and large companies to have a systematic structure in their hierarchy of needs.

But have you ever experienced as an employer that you want to hire more and more employees to have the backlogged work done and have the future and waiting jobs to be done speedily? Also for an employee, have you experienced to be controlled and boxed in an old list of tasks directly imported from the HR’s table? Tasks that are limiting your full potential? Yes, you’ve applied for a position that is controlled by this list of responsibilities, but have you felt and seen in yourself that you can do more than that or you can have a work inside your company in which you can perform better than your current position?

Here we go again talking about this traditional way of getting jobs done. The list may be good for classification and proper distinction in a company, but does this help in the overall development of your firm and for your employees as well?

Job descriptions are just the current company needs, but that does that not show all the opportunities you can explore there. Versatility and effectiveness in various tasks and responsibilities is a cost-effective way to have the company projects done. Here are 5 ways to unleash your employee’s talents:


  1. You have to ask your employees on  what are the things they want to learn this year, or what are the things they eagerly wants to share and teach with others.
  2. Ask every team member what are their ideas on how to improve a job procedure they are working now or if they want to amend the current process to improve its undertaking.
  3. Ask everyone how can the projects be done and move forward even faster and reducing backlogged works. Ask them to explore more even if it means to have their job descriptions shunned and have their skills and talents not inline with that descriptions to have a play in a much better process in achieving that goal.
  4. Ask your employees individually, that if they want to have a chance to stretch or shift their job description to help the company’s needs based on their best talents, talents that are not used because of this written prison of job description.
  5. Ask your employees in a certain project that you trust their judgements and plans. Beng as the boss doesn’t mean your ideas are always correct. Sometimes, to ask an employee’s idea is a good practice too to unleash their talents more.


Here, we can see in a unique view that job descriptions can be limits for the expansion of an employee’s skill. A good employer will not let this predefined descriptions be a dungeon of an employee’s talents. Controlling and unwavering commands hurled by a boss are not healthy for an employee. The human decisions and the ability to adapt into different situations are effective way of leading a company into prosperity, rather than fully trusting with this paper of list acting as walls of mediocrity.

Don’t limit your employees, evolve into the dynamic and ever-changing system of administration today. A versatile operation of unleashing an employee’s unseen talents.

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