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Things You Should Never Share with Co-workers

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In reality, the work place is not the place to share with co-workers what they don’t really need to know, unless your personal issues or baby-making plans can increase the annual sales.

Unfortunately, people spend more time at the office with co-workers than anywhere else and some workers just seem to forget to draw the line between business and friendship. And the worse in this environment is the office gossip that will eventually work its way around.

While the work place is a social environment, it is just as much a work environment. You can be friendly and develop a good rapport, but business is business and friendship is friendship. The two can’t mix.

Most workers don’t realize that what they say has as much impact on their professional images as what they wear, and will be seen as incompetent, unproductive, and unworthy of professional trust.

Salary information

What you earn is between you and the company. Disclosure indicates you aren’t capable of being mature and keeping something confident.

Medical history

In reality, nobody really cares about your aches and pains, your latest operation, or your infertility woes because your co-workers have their own. Instead, your employer now sees you as a high medical risk.


Whomever you’re gossiping with will undoubtedly tell others what you said. Of course, if a co-worker is gossiping with you, most likely they will gossip about you.

Cost of your purchases

The spirit of keeping up with the Kardashian’s may be alive today, but you don’t want others speculating on your lifestyle excesses or make them think that you’re just plain showing off.

Intimate details

Don’t share intimate details about your personal life. Co-workers can and will use the information against you through gossip or other means. Most especially, never share dirty divorce details with co-workers.

Politics, religion, and racially charged comments

Generally, most people have strong and passionate views on both topics. And you don’t want to offend someone’s religion or race that may professionally backlash on you.

Blogs or social networking comments or statuses

What you say in a social networking community or in your personal blog may be even more damaging than what you say in person. Remember that online comments can be seen by multiple eyes. An outburst of anger when you are having a bad day or a bad comment against the boss can blow up in your face. Here’s a tip: don’t share your personal sites with co-workers, but if you do, steer clear of the workplace comments.

Negative views of colleagues

Whether it’s the know-it-all boot licking team leader or the supervisor who can’t solve simple issues, confront that person privately, or just keep it to yourself. The workplace is not the venue for controversy. The same goes with social networking pertaining to this topic.

Your wild, wild, wild side

Here’s all the more reason to not let your co-workers share in your social networking. After you’ve had the wildest fun during the weekend, don’t start talking about it on Monday. In fact, don’t ever discuss with anyone at work about your wild side. This information makes you look unprofessional and unreliable.

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