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It’s Still February: You Can Still Find Your Dream Job in 2015

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The first three months in the year is always the best time to look for a job since many vacancies happen during the last quarter of the previous year. And 2015 is no exception to this. So if you’re a savvy job-seeker, you need to take full advantage of this, and since it’s still February, you still have a chance of finding that ultimate dream job. The first quarter is usually the time that companies kick off new projects and carry out job initiatives that may cover the whole year.

So with this, what moves can you do to best position yourself to be one of those that can be selected for a job interview?

Monitor how you use your time

Spend at least 75 percent of your job searching time on focused networking. While online job searching may pay dividends, there’s no substitute for obtaining information from personal referrals, online friends, or just simply texting friends to inquire about job hiring in their respective companies. Personal connections are always the best when job searching. Sometimes, hiring managers are impressed when you are referred by a friend inside the company.

Be proactive instead of being reactive

Reacting immediately to job postings may be good, but it carries some disadvantages. Most likely hundreds more have seen the ad and, like you, are also applying for the same position. To even get noticed, your resume needs to be impeccable and spot-on, and again, this narrows down the applicants to still in the hundreds. And if you happen to be competing with applicants that have personal recommendations, you already lost the job race.

The better method is to identify those companies that you would really like to work for. Seek out people inside the company whom you know and inquire about available positions. If there is, ask for complete contact and application information. Ask also if they’re willing to serve as a referral source. If you don’t know anyone inside, research the company well and then inquire from the human resources manager about possible vacancies.

Treat your application and resume as if it were a marketing proposal:

  • Make sure your key selling points will immediately catch the eye of the reviewer

Most human resource personnel scanning your resume will spend 30 seconds or less to see if you’re worth their time. So your material will look important for them, place your most critical skills and accomplishments at the top. Use bullets so your key points stand out.

  • Make sure your skill sets are in high demand in this day and age

Make sure that the skills and accomplishments that you are presenting will make you stand out as competitive and cutting-edge in today’s job market.

  • Highlight the results of your achievements and quantify them

You need to clearly state and show the results you’ve produced from previous jobs to show that you can bring these skill sets and results to your new job so the company can make more money. Stressing the achievements you did before means that hiring managers can get a realistic sense of your work ethics and capabilities.


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