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It’s Probably Time to Update Your Resume Before You Go Job Hunting and Here are Five Steps to Do It

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So you’re searching for a new job after working with that old company for several years. Of course while you may not need an entirely new resume, you might want to refresh your current credentials. Naturally, you can’t just grab your old resume and apply in a new job.

Updating your resume isn’t the hard and painful task and time consuming chore that you used to think when you were making your first resume. Come to think of it, making and updating your resume should never be treated as a chore. People should look at this as sort of updating a marketing campaign, with you as the product to be sold.

With that, here are five easy steps to updating your resume:

Begin at the End

You don’t really need to overwhelm yourself by looking at your entire resume, at least not yet. Instead, start easy by looking at the bottom of your resume and see if there’s anything new that you can add. Workshops, professional training, awards, or other miscellaneous items are a quick way to add something current.

Your Positions and Future Positions

Since listing your job positions mean that the current ones are on top, look at the position or positions nearest the bottom of your resume. Now, analyze if these past positions you held when you were starting out are still relevant to your current career goal. If it’s not, delete them so you can build on more current accomplishments that will push your career. However, if that last position is still somewhat relevant, just edit it down. This is because the very first position you held should get the least attention.

Turn Your Attention Toward Your Current Job

Update any new projects or accomplishments that have occurred over the last year or from your current job. Even if no promotions happened, you still need to update on your accomplishments.

Update The Look

Current information also deserves a current look. Does your resume look like the resume styles that went out 10 years ago? It may be time to give your resume a major face-lift. If you’re still using the same resume format you used some few years ago after graduation, you should change it to something more suited to the positions you’re currently pursuing. And with the advent of technology, make your resume available in several formats like text only, Microsoft Word, and PDF. Having these different formats for your resume at the ready implies a little more technical savvy on your part.

Proofread Please

The importance of proofreading your resume cannot be stressed enough and you should have learned this in college. Every time you make changes to your resume, you become open to the possibility of a new error. Proofread the new resume again and again, and ask a few friends to look at it, also. You can never be too careful because a single spelling error may spell the difference between landing an interview or your resume landing in the trash bin.


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